Lecture on Video Game Violence Tonight

Lecture on Video Game Violence Tonight

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In light of today’s discussion around an R18+ rating, Sydney-siders might be interested to attend a lecture tonight on the topic of media violence. Titled “Video and Violence: Is There a Link?”, the lecture is hosted by “one of the world’s most influential researchers on aggression and exposure to violent media”, Professor Craig Anderson from Iowa State University.

Anderson was one of the researchers responsible for the recent study linking violent games and movies with a desensitisation to the pain and suffering of others.

Says the blurb for the lecture: “His work, while sometimes controversial, consistently finds links between violent media exposure and aggressive behaviour. His testimony, to the US Senate and other government consultations and submissions, has helped shape the debate on this highly critical issue. His work also has powerful implications for a number of related multi-billion dollar industries.”

Full details:
Who: Dr Craig Anderson (Iowa State University)
What: Colloqium: The effects of exposure to violent video games and other media
When: Monday, March 16 – 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: Macquarie University, Building W5A – Theatre 2

Video and violence: Is there a link? Join the discussion with leading US expert [Macquarie University, thanks Tracey!]


  • His work isn’t controversial, it’s crap. His studies have been frequently criticised by other academic pssychologists for his lax attitude in assessing control groups and generally poor research practises.

    But he plays the right jig for the media to dance too so he gets air time over all the studies that find no correlating link.

    Kotaku should take this post down.

  • Aaron,

    I agree with what you’re saying in relation to this Doctor but can’t you see the hypocricy of your request? Asking Kotaku to take the post down is asking them to be exactly like the media you seem to despise so much.

    The problem with media today is they only give you the story they want you to hear and nothing else. The fact that Kotaku post a story in relation to a subject that they more then likely disagree with is commendable and should ne encouraged.

  • Antony,

    I don’t despise the media when it provides the full story. Kotaku is not doing that here. Prof Anderson and his research has been criticised in various other game media and I think Kotaku read about the presentation and threw a link up here without even bothering to Google Anderson to find out if his research and general academic work is credible.

    That’s a bad thing.

    Maybe I was a bit quick to say they should take down the article all together. But the fact they splashed up this bare bones post has damaged my opinion of Kotaku.

    Also bad.

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