Show Us Yours: An Impressive 29FF

show us yours shane m toys.jpg

Looks like someone is a Final Fantasy fan. Reader Shane M has sent in some snaps of his couch. Luckily, he made sure his substantial games collection was displayed on said couch. Let's see what he's got.


    Lolz @ 29 FF. I see what you did there.

    FF FTW!

    Not too bad a collection, though the FF game collection is easily the most impressive thing there.
    But where's Mystic Quest? *cackle*

    Now that's what I call a true gamer. No pissing over what format, just play the damn game!

    Not to be nit-picky or anything, but I see two copies of FFVII there...whats the difference between them? I'm going to go out on a limb and say the bottom right one is the PC version? If thats the case, wheres the PC version of VIII (the only other one that I know of to make it to PC)?


    I'm guessing that it's actually the OST to FFVII

    Every thursday??? where was last weeks david??

    I sent my pics a couple of weeks ago, do you have a back log?


    There's a back log, but I prioritise the more unusual collections over ones that simply got to me first.

    The two final fantasy VII games are playstation and pc versions. I also have the official game guides for at least one version for every game in the series and most the spin offs :) Thats only a 3rd of the playstation photos too!

    thanks for the great comments too

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