Show Us Yours: A Miserable Pile Of Boxes

This is the post where you get to show off your gaming setup and collection to the entire world. Let's take a look now!

The idea of Show Us Yours is you take some photos of your games collection or your gaming room or your gaming cupboard or whatever else you have in your house that is about you playing games. You then send us your photos along with a few comments about what makes yours so special. Then we publish it here on a Thursday afternoon.

Today it's the turn of Ross C. (Click to enlarge each pic.)

We'll start by showing you Ross' entire games collection and then zooming in to take a closer look.

Uh... That appears to be a cat. A cat sleeping on a Dual Shock controller. Ross, why did you send me a photo of a cat?

OK, here's his collection.

That's a bit better. Only just though! There's a TV, a PS3, a black Wii, and some games. I can't tell which games, however, because the shot is so blurry.

"These are just a few shots I snapped bored on the weekend," says Ross.

"My cat, my EDGE collection (most issues from #11 onwards) and just a few shots from around my shed will have to do."

That's not EDGE.

Oh, here we go, that's a collection of EDGE. What else is in this shed?

A purple box. Some dusty burnt discs. And - in what I believe to be a Show Us Yours first - a copy of Kagero Deception 2 on PSone! Not a great game, admittedly, but at least there are some games in this shot. Next!

Oh, Ross. Why are you sending me photos of boxes?

No, really, WHY?

"I couldnt be bothered getting my PS 1 and NES stuff out of the boxes but there isn't much in there worth getting out anyway," says Ross.


So it looks like we'll have to make do with some yellowed Game Boy carts...

...and some random controllers. On a tatty couch.

Thanks Ross! Best Show Us Yours ever!



    The only photo that I actually wanted to really get a better look at was his video game collection and even then, it just had to be the blurriest one of the bunch. :(

    One question though.

    Where did that Maccas sign come from?

      from burger king

    LOL love your comments Dave.

    Makes me feel like submitting mine now.
    Originally I didn't want to because I recently moved out so all my consoles are in boxes etc but after looking at Ross' pic I know they aren't as bad. No offence Ross. :-)
    Nice collection of EDGE Mags though. Wish I had the money to buy so many back in the day. I remember them costing over $15 each which was a lot of money for a magazine in the early 1990s.

    Love the commentary on this and previous Show us Yours David ... it just works!

    LOL awesome stuff :P

    Best commentary ever.. maybe i should finally take some shots of what i've got at my place.. I just keep forgetting/being too lazy.. lol

    The cat reminds me of our cat... only difference is that you'd have to replace the controller with either the head of my lovely lady or my head whilst we're trying to sleep...

    Bloody cats...

      I hate those bloody things...the way they meow and piss everwhere...

    dude, plastic storage containers! Cardboard boxes are not the key.

    I have a copy of Kagero Deception 2 !!!!
    I've never seen another copy until now....
    ...It was pretty crap though

    David, you're being WAY too harsh here. If he starts unpacking his games from those boxes, Joey and Chandler will raise hell.

    Awwwwwww c'mon Daveo don't crack your face, the cat photo was cute you have to admit and those boxes are full of so much mixed up gaming gear, hi-fi bits and pieces aswell as mags and comics and toys that I would have spent all weekend going through it. I do realise I'm a boxoholic though (still have the box my first pair of shoes came in) and I will give you that it was a bit lazy but it's a true representation of my gaming setup as it stands today, mainly boxed up.

      No, really, cheers for sending them in!

    the purple box is the special edition of the movie Oldboy the same box features in the films.

    it actually came with a hammer bottle opener it was sweet

    Awesome box collection!

    I need to send in for this...

    Lol, I sent mine in (ages ago) without a single game pic in the bunch! So, at least he has me beat :)

    Those snarky comments made this 'Show Us Yours'. Funny stuff.

    +1 point for owning Okami on the PS2!
    +5 points for that random Maccas sign. (So awesome!)
    -30 points for drinking what looks like DR Pepper!

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