What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

Yes, Monday afternoon fans, it's time for your favourite Good Game post. What?

Take it away... Junglist!

Here's what you can expect in tonight's Good Game:

Guitar Hero: Metallica - Thought World Tour was too easy? Maybe some Battery will fix things? This gaiden allows you to smash the guitar, bass, drums and vocals on pretty much every Metallica song you'd want and more.

UFC 2009 Undisputed - THQ are putting a lot of oomph behind this one, which perhaps represents UFC's growth in popularity. Featuring mixed martials arts styles, at the very least it promises lots of man on man action.

Killing Floor - Co-op zombie killer with more weapons than Left4Dead.

Plants vs Zombies - A twist on the tower defense formula with plenty of humour.

All that plus Lawrence Leung stops by and we take a look at the history of the late 3D Realms.

You can download any ep of Good Game at www.abc.net.au/goodgame - or catch us Monday nights at 8:30pm on ABC2, or late Friday nights on ABC1, just before rage.

Enjoy the show!



    Does anyone actually watch this tripe? I find any TV show about video games is just cringeworthy.

      Yeah I do actually - it's handy to catch up on the news of the last week (yeah yeah, it ain't' as quick as the internets), particularly regarding consoles that I wouldn't normally look into.

      The 'article'-like segments on the show are a bit shmeh as expected (eg the gamer-girl stuff last week about women in gaming), but their reviews are pretty much on the mark, and they're more amusing than everything else that's on at that time of night anyway.

    I prefer to watch Level 3. It has more of a community feel to it, unbias and does not ruin the end of games for their viewers.

      What channel is that on>?????!!!11

        Level 3 is on friday nights at 9pm on Ch31, but can also be seen online from the c31 website, www.c31.org.au

        Level 3 is on C31 in Melbourne, 9:00pm Friday Nights and repeats 1:30am Sunday Mornings.

        I too prefer it, as Tim said...more of a community feel to it. Seem like you're average regular gamers and arent afraid to absolutely pan a game if it deserves it.

      I used to watch Level 3 every so often, very unprofessional like most of the stuff on Channel 31.

      By unbias do you mean reviewing Xbox Live Aracade games every episode?

      Good Game is by far the better show. There is a reason why its on the ABC and Level 3 isn't.

    I still love to watch the show. They can be quirky sometimes but that's what makes it funny.
    The reviews are also spot on. What they say is true.

    "and they’re more amusing than everything else that’s on at that time of night anyway."

    Good News Week. Much funnier and more educational.

    Besides, why watch stuff about games when you could be playing them? :P

      "Good News Week. Much funnier and more educational."

      Well, that's debatable. Personally I find Good Game just as entertaining. Sure it's got the greatest show in the world but for what it is it does quite well.

      "Besides, why watch stuff about games when you could be playing them? :P"

      Why hop onto blogs posting negative comments about shows when you could be playing games? :P

        Sure it’s "NOT" the greatest show - not "got" :P

    Games shows are traditionally a horrid affair that consist of hosts who have no real gaming background knowledge.

    And these guys certainly don't disappoint, cliche'd reviews and inaccurate comments abound.

    Give game damage a chance.. at least two thirds of them are funny..

      This is what makes Level 3 on c31 so much better made by gamers for gamers. They also have a weekly podcast on their forums.


    *cough* Kotaku TV *cough*

    hint, hint....

    "Why hop onto blogs posting negative comments about shows when you could be playing games? :P"

    Actually I normally post when I can't play games. Like when I'm supposed to be working :P

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