WIN! Guitar Hero: Metallica Guitar Bundles

1_rawwwkkkTo win one of five copies of Guitar Hero: Metallica, we asked you to send in a photo of your Guitar Hero band. Here's one entry we've already picked as a winner.

Sure, we said the most rock 'n' roll snaps would win. But this entry from Leigh M is just too awesome to ignore. He/she has snagged him/herself a Guitar Hero: Metallica guitar bundle on Xbox 360.

Which means, with just a few days to go, we have two PS3, one Wii and just one 360 version to give away.

Check the original post for the full details and get your entry in quickly!





    hahaha awesome Señor ... awesomeeee

    Congrats to Leigh! Awesome instruments. lol

    I'm really looking forward to Bear's solo project now he's cracked it with the rest of the band!

    Really? That's the most creative? I'm hoping that's because you got very few entries.

      You going to put your money where you mouth is?

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