WIN! Guitar Hero: Metallica Guitar Bundles

Guitar Hero: Metallica comes out next week. If you want the chance to win a copy, read on.

We've got two copies on PS3, two copies on Xbox 360 and one copy on Wii. And, not only that, but each one is the guitar bundle, so you get a big lump of molded plastic too!

How do you win? Easy. You need to send us a photo of your Guitar Hero band. We're talking a real photo of real people, not your digital in-game avatars. So grab your mates, your brothers and sisters, or maybe even your parents - whoever you normally play Guitar Hero with - and take some snaps.

And - hey! - even if you don't already play Guitar Hero, send in a pic of the Guitar Hero band you would like to be.

The most rock 'n' roll band photo will win.

Send your photo to the usual address and please specify which console you'd prefer. You've got until Monday next week to get your entry in.

Check the video below for some inspiration.

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    Awesome! I'll surely enter this competition with my GH Band. I send the photo to your email right?

    how do we send the pics across of our bands??
    Unable to attatch in comments area.


      Yep, send to the usual email.

    I hate these competitions. You're giving GH:M to somebody that is already nuts about Guitar Hero, who would probably already have the game.


      How's that? Not sure what's stopping anyone from entering this comp, whether they own a Guitar Hero game or not.

    Just got my entry in. I don't have any friends so had to gather a band with whatever I could find

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