Who Won Guitar Hero: Metallica on Wii?

_GHMx360_GuitarBundle_gm_01v10Last week we offered you the chance to win one of five Guitar Hero: Metallica guitar bundles.

Of course, we're going to drag this out over three posts, revealing each console's winner in turn. We're cruel like that. So, first, the Wii!

Tommy D (and friends) is the winner of the Wii edition of Guitar Hero: Metallica. We gave his band "Q-tallica" (some sort of in-joke perhaps?) high marks for sheer enthusiasm. And also bonus points for being a garage band - literally!

Well done, Tommy (and friends), we'll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your prize.



    Wish I already had Guitar Hero so I could enter a competetion to win more Guitar Hero :(

    I know, right.

    haha the drummer's face seals it for me.

    Woah, thank you very much, I didnt think we'd win this one.

    Wow. Big Q is tearing that mic up!

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