Who Won Guitar Hero: Metallica on PS3?

_GHMx360_GuitarBundle_gm_01v10Last week we offered you the chance to win one of five Guitar Hero: Metallica guitar bundles.

You've seen the Wii winner and the two Xbox 360 winners already.

Which leaves us with the final two winners, both of whom will be welcoming the PlayStation 3 version of Guitar Hero: Metallica into their homes. Here they are:

First, there's Kane K (and furry friends), who really deserve something to compensate for the ridicule their costumes surely inspire.


Secondly, there's Aaron K (and friends), channelling the Beatles with their very rock 'n' roll rooftop performance. The dusk-drawn silhouette is a nice touch, too.


Congratulations to all the winners and special thanks to Activision for supplying the great prizes. We'll be in touch with you all shortly to arrange delivery.


    Awesome Stuff!!
    Thanks to Kotaku and Activision!!
    My Cos-playing days are over!!
    Congrats to the other guys too!!

    Thanks Kane! And especially Kotaku!
    I like to say special thanks to Victoria's unpredictable weather. Oh, and my friends...of course.

      I should say as well: Congrats to Kane and the other winners!
      Kotaku FTW!!

    Congrats Guys!

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