Who Won Guitar Hero: Metallica on Xbox 360?

_GHMx360_GuitarBundle_gm_01v10Last week we offered you the chance to win one of five Guitar Hero: Metallica guitar bundles.

We took the liberty of announcing one of the two winners of the Xbox 360 edition last Thursday. Which only ensured the competition for the second 360 copy over the final few days of the comp became even more fierce.

OK, I'll quit stalling.

The other winner of Guitar Hero: Metallica on Xbox 360 is... Wynston C (and friends). As you can see, they're veteran performers, shown here playing a no-doubt riotous gig in, er... their school hall. It was the smoke machine and second pic of the crowd going wild that secured the prize.




    omg epic.
    thanks guys!

    I had the exact same idea in my school's auditorium. lol. Congrats Wynston!

      Congrats to you too!
      lol great idea aint it, was booked all last week had to do a rush job on the monday the comp closed.
      I like ur shot though, the garage/rooftop combination looks really awesome!

        We had the auditorium as an idea. But we got lazy and didn't ask anyone. So we just used my friend's backyard and garage. lol

        I guess it worked out well. =]

        I loveeee the 2nd pic. So much LOL.

    Yay thank you kotaku and activision. Shame, setting up all the chairs to get one fan though at our gig :P


    holy shizz

    you guys did it
    i'm proud


    Well done guys!

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