Question Time: Your Chance To Interview Volition’s Sean Kennedy

Question Time is where YOU get to interview some of the games industry’s leading figures. This week, we put the associate producer of Red Faction: Guerrilla, Volition’s Sean Kennedy in the spotlight. What would you ask him?

Here’s how Question Time works: you come up with the questions and a games industry luminary will answer them. Every Wednesday we’ll have a new interviewee for you and a new batch of answers.

Today, it’s the turn of Sean Kennedy from Volition. I asked Sean for a bio and this is what he sent me:

Born and raised on the beach in Southern California, Sean got his start in the industry in 2000 at Electronic Arts San Diego as an Assistant Producer, while in college working towards a career in politics and law. Needless to say a career in gaming won. After the closure of EASD, Sean went on to work for both Sammy Studios and Rockstar San Diego before making his big move to Champaign, IL for Volition. Sean is excited to serve as an Associate Producer on Red Faction: Guerrilla. Some of Sean’s previous titles include: Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Triple Play Baseball, and other EA Sports/ titles; Seven Samuari 20XX, Spy Fiction, and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. In his free time he likes to hang out with friends, go to movies, play games, kayak, and travel.

sean-kennedy-mugshotThis is Sean. (He also sent me a mugshot.) We had the pleasure of hanging out when he visited Sydney last year on a press tour for Red Faction: Guerrilla. He’s a funny dude. Ask him about Red Faction. Or Mars. Or Saints Row. Or what it’s like being an associate producer. Or working at Volition. Or ostrich hammers. Or, indeed, ask him whatever the heck you want.

Post your question for Sean in the comments below. I’ll choose the best ones for Sean to answer next week. You’ve got until the end of the day to get your questions in.


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