You Played These Games On Xbox Live Last Week

Xbox Australia's new community blog, InsiderX, has started revealing some interesting Xbox Live stats for Australia. Like this list of the most played games last week.

Apparently you've been playing Halo 3. Still!

They also list the global top ten, so you can compare how the habits of the average Australian 360 gamer compare with the rest of the world. It seems we're not so keen on Left 4 Dead and UFC, instead preferring to play real-time strategy games and fake guitar on our consoles.

These stats are based on the number of unique users playing each game connected to Live.

ANZ Top 10 Xbox 360 games (UU): 1. Halo 3 2. Call of Duty: World at War 3. Call of Duty 4 4. Gears of War 2 5. Grand Theft Auto 4 6. Prototype 7. FIFA 09 8. Guitar Hero World Tour 9. Halo Wars 10. Fallout 3

GLOBAL Top 10 Xbox 360 games (UU): 1. Call of Duty: World at War 2. Halo 3 3. Call of Duty 4 4. Gears of War 2 5. Grand Theft Auto 4 6. FIFA 09 7. UFC 2009 Undisputed 8. Left 4 Dead 9. Prototype 10. Fallout 3

Top 10 Retail Games – June 23, 2009 [InsiderX]


    does anyone play gta 4 online? i try every now and then and no one ever connects.

    it would be better if australians could find other australian players more easily. lagless gaming is my prefered priority when playing online.

      Damn right, I've let my gold subscription lapse because, while I love the hell out of Gears 2, its multiplayer is TERRRRIBBBLEEEE


    i agree!

    we should have more region search options in multiplayer games!

    I take it these are offline as well as online. Otherwise I'm missing out on some sweet Fallout 3 multiplayer =(

      That's correct. These stats track games being played when the console is connected to Live, based on unique users. So if you were playing Fallout 3 last week, but didn't connect to Live at all, you wouldn't have been counted.

    I'm afraid Microsoft don't really listen to us Aussies anyway. With all the stuff we miss out on over Xbox Live and the lag we receive in return or not even connecting to game.

    I believe Halo 3 might be #1 Globally if the newest World at War DLC wasn't released last week.

    Now i've tried to connect to GTA IV many times, knowing its in the Top 5 in Aussie & Globally questions how many are actually playing Multiplayer or just connected to XBL playing campaign, which is something i don't do cause i don't know how much download usage XBL chews. Either way, i can never seem to find any GTA IV multiplayer games only around the first month it was released, goodbye to those achievements.

    hope u post this every week. Allways interesting to see what we play compared to the rest of the world.

    No Red Faction?!? That game is awesome, everyone should get it!

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