LunchTimeWaster: Demolition City

demolition-city-picI do love these games all about knocking things over.

We've used catapults to knock over castles. We've used grenades to knock over people. Now we can use dynamite to knock over buildings.

The aptly named Demolition City is more about strategic placement of your explosives. There's no timing involving or need to launch anything at your target; it's all about cracking the puzzle. Think of it as akin to trying to demolish a building in Red Faction: Guerrilla with just a handful of carefully orchestrated explosive charges.

Can you finish it before you have to get back to work?

Demolition City [Armor Games]


    you should feature this game in one of these

    Bloons tower defense 3

    This game eats your life away

    Give Gravity Hook a go, wasted so many hours on this game.

    Try beat 2812m :)

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