The Week In Games

tumbleweedWow, I've never seen a release schedule quite as jam-packed as this one.

That would be because there are no games coming out this week. In retail land, at least.

OK, I know there's probably some Bob the Builder game out on DS or some Sudoku collection for PC, but they don't really count. And sure, there are some downloadable games coming to your PSN, XBLA and WiiWare, but we'll cover them elsewhere later in the week.

So in lieu of having anything to actually write about in today's Week In Games post, here's a clip from the excellent British comedy Look Around You that tackles the bleeding edge of computer gaming circa 1985.



    "At the moment I just trying to work up a really thick head of foam...." *Waggle your joystick for suds*

    Gold Jerry, gold....

      that line was classic!
      Nice find David :D

    He looks like he has alot of practise with that joystick.

    "its very realistic..." lol


    D; Get your box of sand today!

    that chess game at 14s looked damn intense hahaah

      ahahaha and 1:19s... he definitely looks like he's enjoying himself.

    "now lee, i'v noticed you've taken your top off"
    "oh yes it's the best way to enjoy the total holiday experience"


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