WIN! Ten Copies Of ArmA II Up For Grabs

arma-ii-screen-04That's right, we've got ten copies of ultra-realistic PC shooter ArmA II to give away. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

To stand a chance of winning, we want you to prove your military nous. Like a good army general, we want you to prepare, design and submit your infallible battle plan for winning this competition. Your battle plan can take many forms and be comprised of many media… the only catch is it cannot just be written text.

I repeat, for the benefit of several keen - if not keen-eyed - readers who have sent me written entries already, you cannot just submit a written entry!

Think photos! Illustrations! Audio! Video! Painting! Complicated maps! Animation! Anything beyond just boring words in an email.

For the full details on how to enter, check the original post.

Good luck!


    Im almost done with mine, i'll send it soon-ish

    I can guarantee everyone that i have the most stupid implausible, illogical plan to win a copy

      im really interested to see what it is

    i going to take this game home.. =D. its mine grrr =D
    bit sad because i lost the psp comp... so ill give this a go =)

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