AU Diary: Any Questions About The New Need For Speed?

Need For Speed: Shift is intended to travel a more hardcore route than EA’s venerable racing series has ever taken before. I’ll be checking it out tomorrow and I’d like to hear your questions.

The game’s producer Jesse Abney is in town to show off one of three new Need For Speed titles currently in the works. Developed by Simbin Slightly Mad Studios (whose past credits include work on Simbin’s GTR2 and GT Legends), Shift lies at the simulation end of the scale and will be appearing on PC, 360, PS3 and even PSP.

Now I’m by no means an expert when it comes to racing sims. I might be a fan of Formula One, but I just can’t get into the serious sims unless they carry the F1 license or Geoff Crammond’s code. Gran Turismo, Forza, even PGR all leave me cold… and I can’t think of even one Need For Speed game I’ve been interested in.

So I might need your help on this one. If there’s anything you’d like to know or want me to ask Jesse, leave it in the comments.


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