AU Diary: Any Questions About The New Need For Speed?

AU Diary: Any Questions About The New Need For Speed?
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Need For Speed: Shift is intended to travel a more hardcore route than EA’s venerable racing series has ever taken before. I’ll be checking it out tomorrow and I’d like to hear your questions.

The game’s producer Jesse Abney is in town to show off one of three new Need For Speed titles currently in the works. Developed by Simbin Slightly Mad Studios (whose past credits include work on Simbin’s GTR2 and GT Legends), Shift lies at the simulation end of the scale and will be appearing on PC, 360, PS3 and even PSP.

Now I’m by no means an expert when it comes to racing sims. I might be a fan of Formula One, but I just can’t get into the serious sims unless they carry the F1 license or Geoff Crammond’s code. Gran Turismo, Forza, even PGR all leave me cold… and I can’t think of even one Need For Speed game I’ve been interested in.

So I might need your help on this one. If there’s anything you’d like to know or want me to ask Jesse, leave it in the comments.


  • So have they completely given up on ripping off the Fast and Furious franchise, or are they just taking a break?

  • Funnily enough all the questions I just thought of were answered by one quick look at the game’s Wiki entry!

    I’ve tried to get into the more serious racing sims before, but like you David, I just never have been able to stick with them…In my case, I simply find them way too hard. I dig sweet rides though…Being able to completely tune/customize a Golf GTI sounds fun.

  • I have some questions.
    1. Will it have split screen ? as it was missing from the last need for speed
    2. What is the level of customization on the cars ? Will you be able to do visuals performance etc.

  • Since they’re going for a simulation, will there be as much customisation of cars as in previous NFS titles?
    What about game modes, will the police feature (eg. Pursuit mode)?
    How many platforms will feature online racing?

  • Since Underground one, there have always been changes in each new release that seem more of a step backward, such as removing day races, weird collision models, ect. Does this new installment listen to previous long term feedback and get things right that needed to be right for a long time, like hurlting into and off of concrete walls, while bushes stop you dead, and a crowd that don’t look like cardboard cut outs. Also, I haven’t mentioned the names of the last few NFS games, because frankly they have all blurred into one big “the fast and the furious” scene and I can’t remember them, what will make me want this one?

  • why did you choose to go the more hardcore sim route which is already hotly contested with sevral other titles? why not just improove on your previous NFS underground games so people still have a decent racing game that anyone can pick up and play?

  • Simbin is known for making great racing sims, but what does being a Need for Speed title bring to the game, that sets it apart from their other works?

  • Ask about the polygon count? Ask about a specific list of cars and tracks? Ask about customisation? Ask about on-line gameplay, leaderboards? the last NFS was terrible, so ask how they are responding to customer feedback? Ask about compatability with wheels and if a collectors edition will be available? Ask if there are any Ps3 exclusive cars etc?

    That should get the conversation started.

  • As it looks like we will be waiting until well into next year for our F1 game…

    Why should I get NFS Shift over Forza3 if I am going to play one serious racer this side of Christmas? (360 user)

  • I wouldn’t mind knowing how detailed the car customization this time around. Oh and possibly the number of cars in the game 😀 That would be great.

  • Well the only thing that would actually make this a simulation racer for me is….
    1. Does it have look to apex? ie we actually look to the right when we turn right

    2. Does this game have cockpit view? And if it does does it have adjustable seat position and height?

    These are features of GTR that is still the only racing simulatore that I like to date.

  • I’d be interested to see at what scale of the simulation stakes Shift will fit into.

    For instance most of the offerings from Simbin have been pretty full on in terms of simulation, whist games like Forsa and Gran Turismo are a bit more forgiving to those that don’t have their lounge room set up like a racing cockpit.

  • NFS Shift isn’t developed by Simbin. It’s developed by Slightly mad studios some of whom once worked with Simbin in the past on old titles (GTR 2 et al)

    But Simbin are a completely different company that are still releasing games today…but not this one.

    As for questions, ask him why, when there are so many unemployed these days, it’s so difficult for a site to find one person who has played racing games to review / write about them and whether, as a result, he feels this games get short treatment in said sites compared with titles reviewed by keen players.

  • Th previous need for speed on all platforms had terrible framerate issues on xbox360 and PS3. Has this been addressed?

    What is the framerate on xbox 360 and PS3? Is it locked 30fps or 60fps?

    The other NFS game released last year also had atrocious screen tearing. Will this be an issue in the new version?

    In terms of percentage with all assists off/disabled is it a full sim or still ‘arcadey’?

  • SimBin just did Race Pro not too long ago so I think you’re wrong when you name them as the developers. If I recall correctly it’s Slightly Mad Studios but I could be wrong on that, too. It’s confusing when there’s three games incoming (plus another unconfirmed one by the Burnout boys at Criterion).

    As for a question, have a relatively predictable one: What separates Need For Speed Shift from the recently passed Race Pro and the upcoming Forza 3? Why should someone buy Shift when Forza is so close to release and potentially the better product due to the experience gained in previous iterations?

    Yeah sorry, couldn’t come up with more interesting questions. Hopefully they find a way to sell the game and make me interested in it because right now, Forza is the only thing on my radar and I love most of the race sims out there…

  • I would like to ask the following question:

    Q: Will Need for speed Shift not be complete shit, unlike its predecessor, Pro-street?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Okay, will Shift be enjoyable for a person who wants to ‘pick up and play’? Will it be too ‘hardcore’ for the more casual racing enthusiast to enjoy?

  • Is there the ability to set up and fine tune your car?

    Is there a career mode that doesn’t require jumping between different types/classes of vehicle every race, or better yet, is there a ‘Race Season’ mode?

    Is there an adjustable ‘look to curve’ (I assume there will definitely be an in cockpit view)?
    IMO, this is critical, every real driving course emphasises that you must look through the corner, and yet this is a feature that most simulations sorely lack.

    Actually, simply, is this aimed as a competitor to the GTR2/Race07 series, or GRiD?

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