Aussie Charts: You Love Watersports

Aussie Charts: You Love Watersports

wii-sports-resort-lifestyle-shotWii Sports Resort stays on top, but did any PS3 or Xbox 360 games manage to crack the top ten?

No, they did not.

Nintendo’s stranglehold was broken only by the re-entry of The Sims 3 down there in 8th. Imagine if EA released a proper version of the Sims for Wii…

All Format Full-Priced Games Top 10 for the w/e August 2:

1. Wii Sports Resort (Wii)
2. Wii Fit (Wii)
3. Wii Play (Wii)
4. Mario Kart (Wii)
5. Pokemon Platinum (DS)
6. Brain Training (DS)
7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
8. The Sims 3 (PC)
9. Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince (Wii)
10. More Brain Training (DS)


    • Why is that depressing? Good on them, why shouldn’t the smartest people make the most money 😀 It’s like being annoyed that Toyota sells more Corolla’s than Audi does R8’s.

      • Why?,
        Because the gaming landscape is completely changed for the worse.

        People dont under stand what they are missing.
        Its like driving a 10 Year old corrolla over a brand new one.

  • Sigh – I’m glad a PC game was able to crack the top 10… I just wish it wasn’t the sims :P. This is why nintendo don’t give a stuff about hardcore gamers – why should they when they are still selling so many casual games right now?

    • I wonder if the 360 and PS3 eventually turn into Wii’s themselves, with so much money easily pouring from casual games.

      There will always be developers making good, hardcore games. But most of the people in this world will always flock to the biggest/easiest profitting part of the markets.

  • It’s a double-edged sword, isn’t it? We, as a collective, have been screaming for years for videogames to be recognised in popular culture as a ‘legitimate’ way to spend our leisure time and be entertained without stigma, as much as going to the movies, or playing music, or watching TV. And yet, when this happens with games like Wii Play and the Sims 3, so called ‘casual games’ selling a fucking tonne we complain. Too bad, dudes.

    What can be done to change it? Perhaps videogames marketing needs to change to coax more people in to playing ‘hardcore’ games, or maybe the people that play hardcore games need to stop being so derisive and bullish and welcome more folk in to the community. Or maybe Nintendo, EA, and whoever the fuck else will just keep making easy to play games with little depth because that’s what makes them money. Just a thought.

    • Just because games are easy to play doesn’t make them a breeze to develop. All good games require the same basic fundamentals of a good game for it to be good; such as its graphics, sound, and gameplay.

      Even if it is a ‘social game’ it must still be good because the most powerful marketing strategy, word of mouth, is dependent on the quality of the product. If a game is just bad, even social gamers will pick it out and warn others not to purchase it.

      If not, then why is that none of the truly crappy games other than Harry Potter (which is simply there because of the name) are not up there? Where are the trashy shovel-ware games which gamers fear will give games a bad reputation? They’re not there because social gamers know they are terrible and as such not purchase them, and the top 10 games sales are reflective of that.

  • I don’t know if people realise, but I always thought that the success of the Wii and so called “casual” games have garned gaming more respect from the mainsteam than anything else in the past, with the exception of Pong, Pacman, Space Invaders and the NES.

  • Well, Mario Kart and Brawl are still selling strongly, and though they may have casual elements, they’ve also got a strong competitive scene as well, so I’m glad they’re still in the weekly top list =)

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