Take Your Desktop To Another World

out-of-this-world-wallpaperGorgeous Another World fan art for your desktop from Mikaël "Orioto" Aguirre, as seen on Deviantart, via GameSetWatch.


    This game needs to be remade. I would literally kill people to play this on XBL.

      The original dev remade it for PC a few years ago and sold it indy. Maybe he could be swayed.

    If Nintendo remade Super Mario World in the detail/style this guy has done...*mind explodes*

    What the heck does Super Mario World have to do with this?! Hahahaha raaanndom.

    If Nintendo remade Super Mario World in the detail/style of that CGI scene in Watchmen when the massive explosion rocks New York…*mind explooodessss*

    I never played it, but I have seen Ebeeto's hilarious overdub to the game.


    I want to play the game, but I haven't seen a SNES in ages.

    This was legally ported to the Game Boy Advance as a downloadable ROM:

    Otherwise you can check it out as abandonware (legal?):

    Probably my favorite game of all time.


    Just a note to encourage people to give Eric Chahi money: there IS a remake of Another World. It's just uprezzed graphics - but it looks great and runs well on modern computers. Check it out:


    This was such a great game, one of my favourites back in the day. There were some breathtakingly gorgeous scenes in this game. I loved how simple, yet difficult this game was. No real instructions, no HUD, just a great plot, great GFX and amazing artwork. There was also a sequel released on the SEGA CD console, called Heart of the Alien.

    Another good game similar this this one was Heart of Darkness.

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