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This review was submitted by Mitch Alexander. If you’ve played Blood Bowl, or just want to ask Mitch more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Blood Bowl (PC)

Games Workshop's tabletop miniatures game of ultra-violent fantasy football goes 3D on PC.


Turn-Based Mode: Blood Bowl's turn-based mode is based on the latest rule-set and despite a few notable omissions, is a faithful recreation of the tabletop game. Veterans should be able to jump right in and feel at home though newcomers will probably be left scratching their heads over Dodge Rolls and Block Dice.

Multi-Player: While finding and connecting to an open game in the Public Leagues is a chore, once you do actually manage to connect to a game, multi-player is an absolute blast. The Hot Seat mode, allowing two players to battle it out on one PC is a welcome addition.

Look & Feel: While Blood Bowl isn't going to win awards for graphics, Cyanide have done a good job bringing Games Workshop to life. The in-game models are all based directly on the existing Games Workshop miniatures and are immediately recognisable to players of the tabletop game.


Real-Time Mode: Real-time mode is clunky and too chaotic to be enjoyable. It feels rushed and tacked-on. It adds very little to the game on its own merits and will be of little interest to tabletop Blood Bowl players anyway.

Lack of Polish: The unintuitive and buggy UI, terrible load times, predictable AI and repetitive commentary detract from the experience. Tabletop favourite races like Dark Elves and Undead are noticeably absent.

Customisation: Half the fun of Games Workshop's board games is personalising your team and/or army. Without mods, customisation options in Blood Bowl are limited to basic colour changes and emblem selection; a real missed opportunity.

Fans of the board game will love this but the bugs, lack of polish and learning curve make it difficult to recommend Blood Bowl to the uninitiated.

Reviewed by: Mitch Alexander

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    Where's a good place to get this from? I've read it's comparatively pricey. Rock-Paper-Shotgun is doing a series of 'battle reports' from League matches, that have seriously got me looking at this game.
    (The tabletop rules are freely available online too, a read through them could help the uninitiated understand what's happening with their dice rolls)

    I've also read in a comment somewhere that the Undead and Dark Elves are coming in free DLC (some of their assets are in the game already apparently)

    For anyone even slightly interested, I can also recommend having a look at Keiron's series on

    As a sometime ex-player of the tabletop version, his game reports have got me itchin' to get a copy of this.

    It seems to be particularly expensive as digital purchase, I've seen it retail for about $A64.

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