Reader Review: Mass Effect Pinnacle Station

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This review was submitted by Matt Gosper. If you’ve played Mass Effect's Pinnacle Station DLC, or just want to ask Matt more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station (360, PC)

Mass Effect's new Pinnacle Station DLC is essentially a combat challenge arena, with four modes: Time Trial, Survival, Capture and Hunt. Time Trial and Survival are fairly obvious - fight for the shortest and longest time possible respectively. In Capture you find and hold capture points in the arena, moving from one to the next as quickly as possible. Lastly, Hunt mode is essentially 'kill until you get killed'.

Loved * Rewarding - The bonus reward for beating the final 'super combat' mission if you ask for a harder challenge is a nice touch from Bioware. * Visuals Augur Well - The extra work done for the backgrounds of Pinnacle Station - the bridge of the station faces onto an awesomely rendered space scene, hopefully a sample of the high-quality work in Mass Effect 2.

Hated * Too Easy - Lack of challenge in the missions themselves. At the end of the DLC you can ask if there's any more missions, and you're told "you can always replay them". Why bother when they're so easy? * All Combat, All The Time - There is almost no story for the DLC. Yes, Bioware said this was a combat-oriented expansion, but! You arrive, fight a bit and then bang! The end. Surely a little plot couldn't hurt? Maybe the Council wants to test Shepard's combat skills. Not an epic story, but something more would've been nice.

In the end, Pinnacle Station is a nice chance to revisit Mass Effect before the sequel arrives, but doesn't offer that much content. For 400 MS Points it's a decent deal, but with early descriptions of the DLC as "... kind of a casino, gaming, fight club space station" I had hoped for more. But let's face it - if you like Mass Effect, you'll play it no matter what. Any reason to play again is a good reason.

Reviewed by: Matt Gosper

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    Nice write up. I'll go play it now.. oh that's right. I have the borked version where it doesn't work with platinum hits... finding out only after i paid to download it -_-

      Oh man, that is TOTALLY not cool! At the very least you'd think there'd be a warning of some sort. I understand tweaking for Greatest Hits, but becoming buggy for future DLC? Poor show.

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