LunchTimeWaster: This Is One Angry Rock

guardian rock picI went into Guardian Rock thinking it was a cute little platformer where I'd be guiding my Indiana Jones-lookalike on some quest for treasure or somesuch. I was wrong.

Guardian Rock, as the name might betray (unless you are me), casts you as a rock. Resembling a thwomp from Super Mario, your duty as the guardian is to protect your temple from these pesky treasure hunting explorers.

It boils down to a puzzle game. You can only move in a straight line, albeit defying gravity, and can only stop when you hit another solid object. The idea is to manoeuvre around the level, working out the best route to squish all the explorers, and then unlock the exit.

There are 48 levels in this free version, with two more sets available for purchase. Give it a whirl.

Guardian Rock [Torpedolab]


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