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Majesty 2 (PC)

I’d been looking forward to Majesty 2, having enjoyed the original. Described as a Fantasy Kingdom Simulator, Majesty 2 feels more like an MMO simulator. Reward, guard or explore flags motivate heroes, as they level, acquire better gear and hopefully don’t wipe on that dragon flying towards your castle.


Parties: Absent from the original, Majesty 2 adds the ability to form parties. Safety in numbers ensures heroes work together against tougher challenges.

Hall of Lords: At the end of each mission you promote one hero to Lord, available in subsequent missions at a price dependent on class and level.

Challenging: Early missions serve as a great introduction and later expert missions ensure no single strategy will guarantee you victory.

Narration: Humorous briefings from your advisor start each mission, amusingly voiced in a comical accent. It’s a nice touch that uses the same voice actor from the original.


Randomness: Majesty 2 can be frustrating when your heroes wander off to be killed by roaming creatures before they’re ready. Even worse is when events are triggered too early, such as an escort that starts and fails before you have time to rally heroes for protection. These are overcome through trial and error, and by learning to use the fear flag to keep your heroes away from certain areas.

Occasional Crashes: Save often!

Gno Gnomes! Present in the original but absent from Majesty 2, I miss the gnomes and still recall their death cries from the first game. "But I’m just a gnome...”

A faithful update of Majesty with a little extra (aside from gnomes). Not for hardcore RTS players looking for reliable unit behaviour and not really an exacting simulation either, Majesty 2 fills a niche of its own. For me, it was worth the wait.

Reviewed by: Tom Brown

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