AU Diary: I Get Sent The Weirdest Stuff

Most days I get a few packages in the mail containing various preview and review builds of upcoming games. Today was a little different.

It began with a press release from Microsoft telling me they're bringing MC Hammer to Australia to promote karaoke game Lips: Number One Hits. Sadly, Mr Hammer will not be performing for the general public. Instead he'll be doing a few private shows for Xbox partners and retailers. However he will be giving a guest lecture on the topic of social media at the University of Technology, Sydney. I'm serious!

Then I got a rather bulky package from Popcap. Inside was a belated Plants Vs Zombies Halloween pack containing two masks (one plant, one zombie), a zombie mouse pad, a XL zombie t-shirt ("Your grass is mine!") and a copy of the game. I'll be adding these to the Big Pile Of Crap I'm accumulating under my desk in readiness to give it all away at the end of the year.

Then I got another package, this time from Sony's PR agency. It held two knitting needles, a ball of brown wool and the (baffling) instructions on how to knit my own Sackboy. I think it was meant to remind me that LittleBigPlanet is coming to PSP shortly. It's gone in the Pile.



    Here is my entry to win the Sony Knitting Kit that isn't wanted :) 25 WOL what I would knit:

    I would knit a sack out of it with a moustache, and call it a boysack.

    Hey David, here's a question.

    Do you reckon the overwhelming lateness of this swag is inherent to the world's video game industry not really considering Australia to be a high priority?


      most probably, could also be our terrible postage system

      Don't forget that Aussies are still getting ripped off for their games (and hardware)

        Kiwis get it worse! But at least we get uncencored L4D2 :D

        We are and we aren't. Compared to the US or Japan, sure. But they pay a high price in Europe & the UK as least we can import, I guess.

    The day a publisher sends me something decent is the day I'll herald the legitimate coming of the Gaming industry in Australia.

    I got a code for gow3 demo happy with that

    Can I have your job?

    Seriously, I'll take my pay in schwag xD

    Hey I'll do you a huge favour... if that pile's getting too big just send all that stuff my way... <3 Plants vs Zombies ;-)


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