Aussies Now Get Chance To Join M.A.G. Beta

Sony has opened up the public beta for PS3 online shooter M.A.G. to Australians. Sign up today to get your hands on a download code.

M.A.G. - or Massive Action Game - is a 256-player shooter for the PS3. With player numbers like that, it's gonna need some serious beta testing, especially in Australia. So hop over to the PlayStation website to register and do your bit for the cause.

Load up for the MAG Beta []


    Whats the bet it lags horribly.

      This is not MW2, it has dedicated servers.

    Why is the link in the article taking me to Survey Monkey?

      Wait, how the fuck do I get the beta key? It's like... a link to and nothing else?

        Did you fill out the survey?

          it links to the aus PS page, which then linked to a survey monkey page for me
          it asked for psn id, the ps registered email and if you are from aus or nz
          after you click done it took me to another survey monkey page
          havent received a follow up email yet but

          It's like... I signed up to Survey Monkey, then it just takes me to the home page... when I click the link again, it just takes me to that sign up page :/

            Actually I click the link and it says "thanks for taking the survey", I didn't take a survey :s

    Anyone notice that it's only going to run for 4 days?
    PS3 - Home of the Blink-and-you'll-miss-it Beta!

      haha, jealous much?!

      its not on for only 4 days... the beta codes are active for 4 days.

      the beta runs for much longer! get your facts straight first mate

        Sorry, I fail to see where it explains the timeframe...
        But I could be reading this wrong:
        "Beta codes will be sent out and activated by Monday, 16th November 2009, and will close on Friday, 20th November 2009."

          Apparently this round of the beta does indeed only run for five days.

      And not over the weekend either?? Blah what happened to the majority of gamers being people with jobs in their mid-20s??

        both the EU and the US betas have had weird restrictions on the times that the servers are up, the fact this game uses dedicated servers probably has more to do with it than anything else.

        the september EU beta was restricted thus: "The beta will be open for six hours a day, Monday to Friday. These times are 5pm to 8pm and midnight to 3am, GMT (although they may vary)"

    Been playing the beta on mates account for weeks (he has a Canadian PSN) and the latency issues were close to nil, its a great game, being a PC fps fan myself i was very skeptical, but i learned playing fps on console with this game and loved it.

    really want to try out this game =D

    Registration for the MAG Beta has now closed. We have been overwhelmed with the response and number of entries - thank you!

    Just got my beta code and it indeed only runs for 4 days, 16th to the 20th. It had to be right in my exams didnt it..... Oh well I'll get a bit of a try of it

    Got my code, downloading it now. 2 x 37mb files, then it gets meaty...2800mb. Don't expect to pop in the code and start shooting :)

    What? I got a beta code for this back in September. It was a decent shooter but not really anything special. I had more fun with Killzone 2.

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