Now You Can Actually See Your Dwarves

dwarf fortress prettyThe Dwarf Fortress Visualizer, as seen on TIGSource.


    Wow, Kotaku reporting on DF developments? I'm genuinely surprised it managed to catch you folks' eyes.

    I have wanted this to happen for so very, very long :D

    It looks like it runs alongside DF rather than being a tileset replacement unfortunately. Although there is a pretty nice tileset available that I used the last time I played DF (unfortunately I can't remember the name of it).

    DF is a spectacular game, it's just a pity that the interface scares so many people off (understandably though, I couldn't play it till I found the tileset)

    I tried to get into DF but the inscrutable interface really didn't help :( If the actual game interface could use something like that screenshot I'd definitely get hooked :)

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