AU Diary: Guess Who Won That Games Trivia Night?

a winner is youLast night I played trivia at an event put on by Electronic Arts. It pitted the cream of Australia's gaming cognoscenti in a battle of, well, pretty useless knowledge, to be honest.

We were split into teams of four or five, so I joined up with three of the lads from IGN. Officially we were known as IGNotaku; unofficially, however, we quickly adopted the title Team Awesome.

Pre-tournament favourites Gamespot fell at the first hurdle as we finished the first round tied in first place with Good Game. Ausgamers clawed back our lead thanks to some bonus points during the celebrity head round that followed.

Through rounds three and four we remained neck and neck, meaning it all came down to a one question "who am I?" tie-breaker. IGN's Patrick Kolan kept his cool to correctly answer Master Chief and we won.

A winner is Team Awesome.


    What are the odds that every team unofficially dubbed themselves "Team Awesome"?

      I surely did when I went to trivia with my mates once.

    A "who am I" tie-breaker?

    I love those!

    Well done, Dave.

    Congratulations! I love trivia nights.

    Was about to write a comment questioning how Master Chef is incorporated into gaming, but then i re-read the last sentence.

    Until that Master Chef DS game comes out (if there isn't one already), it should never be mentioned on this site again!

    Can you give us an idea of the kind of questions they asked

    What did the questions cover ? I'm curious.

    Want a medal? ;)

    and the prize was...?


    Congrats on the win, enjoy the brews tonight, would have loved to have come into the city for the AU Kotaku meet, but already had plans...

    just get a photo of Crecentes Hair! :p

    That's great! Congratulations! What were some of the questions?

    Go Patch!

    Congrats to Team Awesome!

    Congrats guys!

    Heh. Good to hear you won. What sort of questions were they?

    Haha, congrats.

    Did the staff of whichever team lost all get fired?

    Sounds like it would have been a lot of fun :D

    Hahaha epic job :D Poor Gamespot. Good effort by GG evidently :)

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