AU Diary: Who Was The Guy That Did That Thing...?

In about half an hour's time, I'll be playing trivia. Not just any old trivia, gaming trivia. And by that I don't mean Buzz or Scene It?, I mean proper pub trivia where all the questions are about video games.

This evening, the folks at Electronic Arts have invited a host of games journalists and other industry people along to an inner city pub for something they're calling TrivEA. Groan. And one can only hope they've recruited a TV quiz show has-been to MC the event.

We'll be competing in teams of four or five, which is a bit of a problem when you're a one-man media outlet such as Kotaku. So, after reaching an unprecedented bilateral agreement, I'll be teaming up with three of the guys from IGN. Or, rather, they'll be teaming up with me. They know who's getting the better deal.

I've been scouring wikis all afternoon in preparation. (That's a lie.) Wish me luck!

Oh, and don't forget to leave your questions for me to ask Darksiders creator Joe Madureira tomorrow.


    Who're you teaming up with from IGN, Dave? And good luck.

    Good Christ, that above picture is from a Buzz event? They got Baby John, Turps and Greg Evans together in one place? They must have paid them a fortune.

    Haha, go kick some ass Dave.

    Can i come too?

    Just remember the cake is a lie and you'll be fine!

    Good luck Daivd let us know how you go

    That's a great image.

    Good luck, wish they ran video game themed quizzes in local pubs here.

    'TrivEA' LOL.

    Good luck David!

    Good luck to you, sir.

    Sounds... fun?

    Ehhh I wanna get Darksiders, but I don't know too much about it.

    If you're willing to ask, maybe

    Is the game heavily focused on the Biblical Book of Revelation? Or do the similarities end at the Four Horsemen?

    And if the game does have heavier religious elements, what was it like working around that sort of material? Similar to the experiences of the Dante's Inferno developers by any chance?

    Anyway good luck David, and have fun! The other teams don't stand a chance :0

    good luck david! what's the prize for the winner?

    You better win, champ.

    That is awesome! I'd almost leave my cave for that!

    Drinking and games are just the mix of the gods. Good luck mate, show em who knows their shiznit :D

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