WIN! Kotaku's Big Pile Of Crap!

Here's a quick reminder of what you could win by being Kotaku's most thoughtful commenter this holiday. That's right, a big pile of crap.

My desk is full of crap. T-shirts, mouse pads, stickers, games, knitting needles and wool, hats, bags, press kits, notepads, lanyards, tea bags, CDs and all kinds of gaming paraphernalia. I’d like you to have it.

One “lucky” Kotaku reader will win it all.

I'm going to award the Kotaku Big Pile Of Crap to the Kotaku reader who leaves the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments on the site between now and the end of the year. The winner won't necessarily be the person who leaves the most comments, nor the single best comment. I'm looking for consistency here - quality and quantity, but not at the expense of the other.

You can see (almost) everything that it's the Big Pile of Crap here.


    That's really generous of you guys.. I hope someone wins it who really deserves it.

      Thanks Michael, I hope I win too.

      See that's the danger here, not only will it be extremely difficult to pick a winner, but whoever does win may have to deal with anger and envy from those believing them undeserving of their win.

        I agree - to an extent. After all, that's happened every contest; people argued over the winners. However, they never existed past the comments of that single post. Additionally, this time the winner is chosen for contribution to the community, thus the winner will most likely already be liked by the community.

        I don't see much bickering happening, but I do see congratulating!

          I think you're right Joshy - I haven't noticed fighting of any sort, and I'm fairly certain that whoever wins it will end up being congratulated.

          The best part of the competition is that to actually have a chance at winning, you have to be thoughtful and reply to other people. It's hard to hate people you've been talking to for the last 2 weeks.

            Unless you're in a reality show!

            Actually, this reminds me of a Simpson Comic. A movie memorabilia collector fakes his death to start a competition - the springfieldian who shows why they are te biggest nerd gets his huge collection. Eventually it turns out he's not giving away anything, and the whole thing was to record the craziness and sell it as a film.

            So, Dave, are you copying our comments to sell them as a book? I'd buy it!

    Yep. It's got some awesome stuff in there, for all three consoles, handhelds and PC stuff. That knit-your-own sackboy is a standout for me, that'd be awesome. Tons of swag as well.

    I hope we get to see a picture of the box they send it in, it'd be freakin huge

    Honestly, I'm gonna need some of that crap, I'm getting a PS3 next month and I won't have any games, and I'm going to TAFE without a reliable backpack (the Borderlands satchel). Just because I have a USE doesn't mean I don't deserve to win. I'll just be trying my hardest.

      I don't want to seem coarse or rude, but why would you buy a PS3 and not account to buy games? Unless of course you're not buying it, then I'm mistaken and I'm sorry.

      Also you can probably pick up a good man-bag from stores cheaply. I don't think the Borderlands bag will be that reliable, after all it is swag, it could just be a normal satchel with Borderlands stuff stamped on it.

    Regardless of who wins this competition I’ll still be commenting like this from now on. Bravo David for picking a competition that engages a lot of the Kotaku readers in conversation. I know a lot of us have been gunning for a prize these past few days, but it’s turned this place into a great forum, everyone lets their opinion on the story at hand to be known, everyone is quick to debate the issues or maybe just leave a funny comment. I love what this competition has done to this site. I just hope it doesn’t end once the winner is chosen.

      I don't think it will end. See, this is more than a competition, it's a wormhole to what Kotaku is: not just a newspaper, but also a forum for discussion. Admittedly, I posted scarcely prior to this competition, but very quickly I stopped posting for the prize, but for the pleasure of contributing to the site.

      Bravo, Kotaku, for turning a competition into a carnival of enjoyment.

        Yeah, I too commented rarely before this; but I've found that chatting with the guys and girls here on Kotaku is mostly laidback and friendly, unlike some forum flame wars *cough*ign*cough* so it's a good environment to chat about gaming. The competition's just a plus; sure there are some sweet stuff there, but I hope that people keep commenting after it's over.

          Absolutely - I've been commenting for a little while now, but I've never had the sort of dialogue I've enjoyed over the last few days, nd it's encouraging me to keep coming back. New year's resolution: let's keep posting, guys!

            Absolutely. Fantastic idea for a competition. I've always read Kotaku (perhaps far too much for my sanity's sake), but I haven't posted too often. This has gotten not only me, but lots of people talking and is a great idea in my opinion. Hopefully it will continue like this.

            What I'm most impressed with is the maturity of everyone. I can honestly say that I haven't seen fanboys, flame wars or anything else of the sort that's usually associated with gaming sites. Most other places I visit result in argument after someone criticises Uncharted or Halo. Great work everybody!

              Jeez, I hope that flaming and fanboys don't rear their ugly heads when there's not a mound of prizes at stake...

                You're going to get flaming and fanboys wherever you go, really. Most of us here are sane enough to keep a level head and discuss things rationally, but we have strong personalities here, and it's inevitable that they'll clash due to differing opinions. I haven't seen any really bad flame wars however, so it's alright.

    thats a fine pile of crap indeed, the best ive ever seen haha

    It amazes me how many day to day items promoters can find to place their logo and other branding on, and the mind boggles on how they perceived T'Bags as being applicable. But there you go, put it in the hands of Agencies and that's what you get.
    Mind you, compared to a lot of TV advertising of late at least as gamers we get to see mostly reasonable themes and formats because most I have seen during the holidays is just brain smashingly stupid.
    I now know why I rarely watch TV.

    I so need one of them Mouse Mats. hehe!!

      Reminds me of Rainbox Six Vegas 2. I've seen ads for MLG, the TAC against driving, condoms, Red Bull, cigarettes and stuff in it. I love advertising in game - it makes me feel like the game is immersive in my outside life and gives the locations a reality feeling as I can see ads while I'm going through the campaign or shooting it up in MP. Not much product placement there, though.

    I'm just curious Mr. Wildgoose, why you are the only one on Kotaku giving away a pile of crap?

    Is it because the other guys threw theirs away or did they decide to keep it for themselves?

    You are truly a generous and unselfish human being.

      David's the only guy on the Kotaku AU team. He gets sent a lot of swag during the year, and it's cluttered up his desk, so he's giving it away.

        Whatever happened to the person updating Kotaku AU at night?, I remember that someone else had joined the team.

          Not sure, man. I've only been here since April though, so I wouldn't know if it was before that. And that's alright Old_Skool, I think it's fine since we're supplemented with the US stuff.

      I agree, David is obviously a gentleman and a scholar.

      My first thought upon having a desk full of these items would not have been to give them away. Fantastic idea, but I'd say he's possibly regretting it now after having to moderate all these comments!

    Oh. I didn't realize he was the only one. Apologies for my error.

    He's still pretty generous though.

    This has been an awesome competition, and it's nearly over.

    And not much competitions encourage you to be an active member of the community.

    My lurking habits stopped when this competition launched and I'm gonna keep commenting this much.

    Verna, good post. After seeing this competition (and the good game book one, i got one for xmas! A great read by the way) it has made me come back to this site daily to read the articles about all things awesome. (read: games) Not only here, but Gizmodo and Lifehacker too.

    A great idea for a competition and some fantastic responses. Whoever scores this swag of delights will surely be one of the luckiest persons alive!

      I don't think luck has anything to do with it. Whoever wins (and I think I may know who) will deserve it.

      The wait's killing me, though! :P

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