Aussie PlayStation Store: You’ve Never Seen Baize This Hot

Aussie PlayStation Store: You’ve Never Seen Baize This Hot

Our Friday-ly roundup of what’s new in the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PSP is back today. Shame there’s not much worth picking up!

A demo of Inferno Pool, anyone? A Dante’s Inferno wallpaper, anyone? Some Guitar Hero choons from Vampire Wekend, anyone?


PlayStation 3

Constructor $8.45/$9.50
Diner Dash $15.95/$18.90

Inferno Pool FREE/FREE
Vancouver 2010 FREE/FREE

Deflecter $6.95/$8.45

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Zen Pinball Table $3.45/$3.90
Guitar Hero 5
– Cousins by Vampire Weekend $3.45/$3.90
– Holiday by Vampire Weekend $3.45/$3.90
– The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance by Vampire Weekend $3.45/$3.90
– Vampire Weekend Track Pack $9.25/$10.50
The Beatles: Rock Band
– Within You Without You $2.45/$2.90
Rock Band
– Adam’s Song $2.45/$2.90
– Band On The Run (Live) $2.45/$2.90
– First Date $2.45/$2.90
– Grind $2.45/$2.90
– Heaven Beside You $2.45/$2.90
– I Miss You $2.45/$2.90
– Jet (Live) $2.45/$2.90
– Last Of My Kind $2.45/$2.90
– Love My Way $2.45/$2.90
– Rock ‘N’ Roll High School $2.45/$2.90
– Sing The Changes (Live) $2.45/$2.90
– Sister Europe $2.45/$2.90
– We Die Young $2.45/$2.90
– Your Decision $2.45/$2.90
– Alice In Chains Pack 02 $10.85/$12.95
– Blink-182 Pack 02 $6.45/$7.90
– Paul McCartney Live in NYC Pack 01 $6.45/$7.90

Just Cause 2: Vehicle Stunts Mini Documentary FREE/FREE
Yakuza 3 FREE/FREE

Dante’s Inferno: Fraud Wallpaper FREE/FREE

PlayStation Portable

Constructor $8.45/$9.50
Star Wars Battlefront II $29.95/$34.90
Army of Two: The 40th Day $59.95/N/A

Army of Two: The 40th Day FREE/N/A
Football Manager Handheld 2010 FREE/FREE

Deflecter $6.95/$8.45


  • Who is the moron who set the Diner Dash price? $16 is a rip off.

    Also, who the fuck is Vampire Weekend and when the fuck will Guitar Hero get some decent DLC?

  • It’s also worthy of note… that the Rock Band Export thingy is now on both the AU&NZ stores also…

    $4.95/$5.20ish respectively…

    New Zealand is complete… just awaiting Australia to get our game that New Zealand is already enjoying…

    • Yes, this is useful for those with either RB2 or Lego RB. Only 22 songs are usable in Lego, though.

      And I’m not sure if NZ is “complete” – do they have all five free songs (Still Alive, Promised Land, Headphones On, Charlene and Dreaming of Love)? Because on the AU 360 store (the one I have), we only have three of them.

  • I guess it can’t be great every week..

    Even the U.S. Store has been pretty crappy lately..

    Xbox360 got Serious Sam HD, but other than that, it’s been quiet on that front too..

    Gives us a time to catch up on all the titles we got for christmas right???

  • Wow, its like a cavalcade of average! A veritable cornucopia of mundane! A full shelf of D grade movies so bad that they’re awful but not quite so bad that they’re unintentionally hilarious

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