Reader Review: Wings Of Prey

Reader Review: Wings Of Prey

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This review was submitted by Sam Hardy. If you’ve played Wings of Prey, or just want to ask Sam more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Wings of Prey (PC)

From the developers of IL2 Sturmovik comes a spin off: Wings of Prey. Pitting you in the grand theatre of WWII, you fly with the allies against the might of the axis on various theatres of the war, from Britain, Italy and right over Berlin.


Ease Of Use: Geared towards instant action with lots of explosions in the arcade mode, it manages to find a great balance between fun and authenticity. For the casual player there’s a handy third person view complete with a very simple and accurate bombing guide. Objectives flash yellow and the controls are very quick to learn and are well laid out on the keyboard. But it hasn’t forgotten the hardcore simmers and you can choose realistic flight dynamics if you want.

Eye Candy: The game’s other draw is how stunning it looks. All the planes are wonderfully detailed, inside and out, the environments you in are lush and detailed. There’s the little things, oil, colour vapour and burns cover your windshield and wonderfully accurate and detailed damage effects.


No Real Campaign: They try to immerse you in the war with footage and a bit of a story. But this doesn’t really amount to much more than a quick mission with a generic “why we fight” monologue at the end. Plus you don’t earn medals or promotions, it’s all bit stale.

The Bombers: Sadly these lack cockpits and there’s only one gunner view, the rest auto fire. It just takes a bit out of the game.

Minor niggles aside, for around $50 on Steam this action flight sim is a great afternoon waster.

Reviewed by: Sam Hardy

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  • I’ve dloaded the demo. This may sound like a silly question but I’m not that big in flight sims. Is it possible to fly aircraft with a mouse if you don’t have a joystick? I can’t seem to change the role of the mouse under options – at the moment it is only used for looking around with.

    • There’s no way to rebind to a mouse in the game.

      There is one option where you can use PPJoy to make a custom joystick and bind the mouse axis to act as a joystick.

      I can’t imagine that will handle very well.

  • IL2 is a classic PC flight sim franchise. Good to see something I can dust off the joystick with, and 50 bucks seems pretty good too. Was going to say, i’d be pissed if they did not bring this classic PC game out on the home platform, after releasing it on 360 and PS3.

    • Pretty sure its the same game, just with a different title. All the scenarios and airplanes match the console version.

      • wings of prey has been seriously upgraded from the console birds of prey. There is A LOT more the developers can do with a pc version and they are doing it. Very serious changes patchs. yes, you can fly with your keyboard and mouse if you want. It could use some more in it as sam stated but Its probobly the best looking flight sim ever produced.

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