WIN! Dante’s Inferno PS3/360 Game And Book

We have another two copies of Dante's Inferno up for grabs today. All you have to do is describe to us your Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming.

UPDATE: Wednesday's draw is now closed. Check back at 9am Thursday for another chance to enter.

Dante’s Inferno is the new action adventure from EA and Visceral Games, the guys responsible for Dead Space and The Godfather. It’s based on the Divine Comedy, the classic work of 14th century Italian literature written by Dante Alighieri depicting the poet’s journey into the afterlife and through the nine circles of Hell.

You can find out from producer Jonathan Knight just how Visceral reimagined Dante’s Inferno, from poetry to playability, in our interview.

We’ve got eight copies of Dante’s Inferno – four Xbox, four PS3 – and eight copies of the book to give away this week. Each day, until Friday, we’ll be offloading two prize packs: one with the 360 version and book, the other with the PS3 version and book.

To win, we want to know your picks for the Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming. Dante’s description of Purgatory contained his interpretation: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, avarice, gluttony and lust.

But what for you are the most objectionable vices in video gaming? Don’t just give us a list, explain your choices.

Leave your entry in the comments below along with your console preference (don’t say both). You must also include a valid email address or use Facebook Connect. Entries close at midnight EDT tonight and the two daily winners will be announced tomorrow when the new draw opens.

And the winners of Tuesday's draw were Bruce Abdul-Raouf and Brendan Keogh. Click the links to jump straight to their winning entries.

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    1. Sonic The Hedgeghog (PS3/X360)
    2. Daikatana (N64)
    3. Shaq Fu (SNES)
    4. Superman (N64)
    5. Rogue Warrior (PS3/X360)
    6. Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing (PC)
    7. Leisure Suit Larry - Box Office Bust (PS3/X360)

    These are some of the worst of the worst games, If you've played any one of these through to completion you've had but a small glimpse of Hell.

    For anyone sadistic enough to have actually completed all the games on this list, do not fear Hell, for you have experienced it!

    Console: PS3

      You forgot the game based on the ET movie. They had to buy land in MEXICO to use as land fill to get rid of the game because it was so crap.


    Holy crapola... i really thought i was in with a good chance but Brendan's order just blew everyone out of the water - awesome imaginary stuff there! Well done dude!
    Also congrats to Bruce - i had a feeling you'd get the ps3 version haha - still unsure about that ME2 comment tho :P

    Well everyone today's 360 copy will go to me when i post it around lunch time - so don't worry about entering :P haha
    GL all!

      Thanks Bro.
      And Yeah... the ME2 comment was definitely the opposite of subtle.

      Thanks, man. It just kinda happened and kept coming out in this big, long, incoherent babble. About time that Creative Writing major of my Arts Degree starting paying for itself!

      And thanks Kotaku :)

    1) Adding unnecessary secondary characters!
    Chip, Blaze, Silver, Waluigi - I'ma looking at you!

    2) Having 8 different splash screens before the title screen!
    While it's nice that a game has several developers, distributors and sponsors, I don't need to see all of their animated logos along with epilepsy or wrist strap warnings before I start my game

    3) Extending a short game with unnecessary random item hunt!
    Oh Mario Sunshine, I never thought to randomly splash a cliff wall with water to make your stupid blue coin appear.

    4) Cashing in on cheap movie license!
    We've all seen it, we sometimes even have to play it. Occasionally it is done well but most of the time we get a rushed and buggy experience.

    5) Blatantly copying what everyone else is doing
    Whenever a genre is all the rage, we are buried in games trying to cash in on the same experience. I want some originality! I like open world games, but cheap cash in open worlds are bland and boring and I don't really feel like studying yet another map for a fake city where every street looks the same. Leave it for the experts.

    6) Too many sequels at once
    Last year I bough Guitar Hero 5, Beatles Rock Band and Band Hero (Shutup - I wanted the new instruments) and there was still others I didn't buy! Talk about drowning your audience.

    7) DLC that's already on the disc
    How about I pay for half the game, and when you develop a sequel and release it, give it to me for free and it will unlock the other half of my original payment.

    PS3 version please.

    Pride - Talk smack after you win, not before. And it better be a good win.

    Envy - When you lose (and you will) don't whine about LPBs, HPBs, DCs, bad connection, signal strength, or anything else that springs into your tiny mind.

    Wrath - Hitting the keyboard is hilarious, but rarely helpful. On second thought, you go right ahead and show that 'puter who's boss. I heard it talking smack about you.

    Sloth - Yes, camping is a valid tactic. Maybe you should try some others.

    Avarice - It's not Reallyreallyreallywant before Greed.

    Gluttony - You can't possibly use all that vespene.

    Lust - If you find yourself playing with a real, live girl, for the love of all that is good keep it in your pants.

      oops - XBox please

    1. RRoD (Red Ring of Death - X360)
    2. YLoD (Yellow Light of Death - PS3)
    3. BSoD (Blue Screen of Death - PC)
    4. "Would you like to see the book!" Claudia Auditore, Ezio's sister in Assassins Creed 2! Get used to this saying if you get this game!
    5. "Finish the fight" Halo 2... what an ending! Talk about a tease.
    6. The final boss in Devil May Cry 4, still don't understand how I beat the old fart!
    7. Seth (Street Fighter Boss), as cheap as a Chun Li's brown pantyhose!

    Console of choice: Xbox 360

    I'm going to pick my vices of computer games creation. These being deadly sins that computer game makers constantly fall into when producing a game:

    Pride - We wont use a feature no matter how much the community wants it: This could be removing LAN or dedicated servers no matter how much the player base screams for it. You should ALWAYS listen to the customer. You lose players if you don't cater for the genuine needs of the player base.

    Envy - Stealing everyone elses features: Game companies love to steal the features of all the popular games, string them together and hope that makes a best seller. Generally this causes some freak zombie monster that most people scream and run at the sight of.

    Wrath - Over promising, leading to game suicide: Suicide is considered the ultimate form of wrath. Game makers often promise everything then release only a small portion of what they promised. Players feel let down and sometimes miss what are good games because they expect a great game. Early players tell the world it stinks, players avoid it for something better.

    Sloth - Producing a game crippled with bugs then take forever to address them: Nothing ruins your fun more then feeling like the game is broken. Whether you work for 10 hours and get stuck with no turning back or you play online watching people kill you while cartwheeling like a circus performer, you still feel like you should quit, eat the disc and move on.

    Avariance - Printing money, not making quality games: A number of companies stick to cloning. Same game, different dress. Evolution of games is a must, but straight cloning is a sin. I'm sick of your Halo clone with starcraft levels thrown in while I level up like diablo.

    Gluttony - Releasing a game obviously premature: While this overlaps with sloth, a number of game companies use the customers as beta testers. This often destroys the player base who quickly drop the game for the new best selling hello kitty first person torture game.

    Lust - Use of female characters as a sex selling feature: Use of scatily clad, personalityless fap factories as the pivotal selling point for a game is just plain bad. Some games do do female characters right. Having a good sexy lovable female character is great. Most do it badly though. Then there is dead or alive, it gets its own catagory of bad.

      Either ps3 or xbox. Both are fine for me :P

    1. Fanboys
    2. Red Barrels in a Shooter
    3. Tacky Vechicle Segments
    4. Metacritic
    5. BAD Movie Games
    6. Buying Bad Movie Games
    7. Buying bad games instead of Mirrors Edge....

    PS3 Please

    from My experiences of playing gears of war 2 on xbox live i choose the following immortal sins of gaming:

    Envy: "Rage Quitting" - Dropping out of an online match because you cant stand the pwnage you are getting.

    Sloth: "Lag Switching" The most heinous of all crimes! people who use lag switches to slow down online play for others because they are too lazy to play!

    Gluttony: "Not reviving a friend" - while standing above a friend and refusing to pick him/her up just to get that extra kill or continue the fight.

    Pride: "Excessive T-bagging" - T-bagging should last no longer than 5 seconds or 3 strokes. t-bagging should not be done in groups either. Thats just immature.

    Lust: "Kill Stealing" - has a friend just downed an enemy? have you decided to snap a shot off at the poor victim b4 your friend can do that sweet finisher? then u my friend have just stolen the kill! shame on you!

    Avarice: "Milking" - Making that round last a little bit longer..... Not quite sinful. However making a round last till each teammate has gotten at least 50-100 kills is very sinful!

    Wrath: "2 Piecing" - elbow then shotgun. No more needs to be said. I too am guilty.....

      xbox 360 :)

    All sins are included in your collectors edition.

    pride: HAHA i got it and you dont.
    envy: Awwwwww he has it and i want it.
    wrath: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he got the last one.
    sloth: Meh i'll just get it on eBay.
    avarice: I know, ill get 4 and re-sell them.
    gluttony: No Wait i think ill keep the 4.
    lust: ...Need i Say more

    Xbox Version

    1) Passing up Sex
    2) Playing games on Easy
    3) Controllers w/Turbo Buttons
    4) On-Line Walkthroughs
    5) Getting Wii before PS3
    6) Not Sleeping
    7) Wishing for A Jersey Shore Video Game

    Quick Time Events- From god of war to Bayonetta i do not deserve a PRESS BUTTON OR DIE NOW event, especially when the timeframe is so quick only a fighter pilot can hit the damn thing first go.

    Having a long cutscene before a battle or tough challenge and not having some sort of check point after the cutscene meaning I have to watch it again and again every time i fail. (The same goes for lack of mid boss fight check points in long boss batles.)

    Specific and limited save points- I live in the real world and sometimes because i need to go or other times when the house is on fire i need to save and quit a game. I shouldn't have to walk to an owl statue like in Majora's Mask or a damn toilet/ bench like in Dead Rising i just want to save and come back to it later.

    Sequels for Games that don't warrent them or need them... The latest Leisure Suit Larry is case in point did it really have a fanbase so large that we NEEDED another one, it like many other titles (im looking at you Sega Rodent) have turned into what American Pie is on dvd today... a bloat taking up space and money that could be spent on new and original ideas.

    Morality- So what the npc is telling me is that i can either rape the small child and discard her corpse in the river or heroicly venture into the dungeon where her mother is imprisoned and risk life and limb over several hours to reunite a family... where are my other options like the slightly less murderous but still evil and mean leave her there and continue on my way to the not so heroic but still nice hand the little girl over to the orphanage or the completly random option of doing the Electric Slide. Sure games can be escapist and exadurate situations but at least give people more then the rape and kill or save and be heroic option of black and wide, add a bit of grey into the mix.

    Movies turned into games and vice versa, it doesn't work so stop it making these abominations is on par with the people that now develop shovelware for the wii. A crime that needs to be punished with a trip into the circles. Let James Camerons masterpiece captivate me on the silver screen and for the love of god whatever you do please don't make another Streetfighter movie. ( I thought you would learn after making 1 and 2 but instead you came back from the dead and made the new Chun Li adventure and further tarnished the reputation of a brilliant fighting game.

    Microtransactions- Hey dear gamer pay $1.00 for this thing it will do arbitrary action X for you and boost your character. Sports games are cardinal offenders *cough Madden and Fifa cough* but others seem to be finding just as many new and useless ways for people to lose money. Sure if you have the time to make new content and gaming experiences for us and price it reasonably I will download it but if you try and shove the useless stuff down with it as well I will choke and die.

    In Limbo- Advertising in game....

    Preference- Ps3

    1. Press A
    2. Press B lots!
    3. Press A....shit start again.
    4. Press A
    5. Press B Lots.
    6. Press A,B,B Start, Select, Quit
    7. Fuck QTEs

    The seven sins of gaming
    (Xbox 360 Please)

    SILENCE: The main character shall not speak

    CRATES: The main character shall break open a gazillion crates (with crowbar if handy)

    FIRST AID KITS: The main character shall be spoilt by Call of Duty and only require time to heal all wounds

    TIME: The main character will save the world from utter destruction in just under 6 hours real time

    SAVE POINTS: The main character shall be forced to grind through each section only to die right in front of the next save point.

    GAZZILLION GUNS: The main character shall have an arsenal of a gazzillion guns (a pink AK47 is NOT different to a black one!)

    QUICK TIME EVENT: The main character shall be expossed to many QTE's for the purpose of making them think they are actually contributing to the effects

    1. Achievement whoring
    2. chat spamming
    3. Loot ninja-ring
    4. Noob-tubing
    5. wall hacking
    6. DLC for cost on release day
    7. No Dedicated servers.

    1. Duke nukem forever - never being released why?

    2. The downfall of offline coop- Greedy developers are just information hungry and want to mine data of online multiplayer players.

    3.Invisible walls - why can't i go there mr. developer?

    4. New driver game- why ubisoft do you by the IP and not release any info on the game.

    5. Michael atkinson- do you really need an explanation

    6. EB games- 250$ for god of war special edition? sorry i'm going to JB.

    7. Backwards compatibility on ps3- no BC so we can pay for games we already have through digital downloads. thats just greedy.

    Preffered console: ps3

    I've gone for the 7DS of video game production.

    Pride: The production of enticing promotional materials that look absolutely nothing like the actual product (I'm looking at you, Evony...)

    Envy: Exclusivity deals. Nuff said.

    Wrath: Getting into shouting matches on the internet with people who didn't like your game (aka the sin of being Derek Smart).

    Sloth: Failure to patch. Show the poor suckers who bought your crummy game some love already.

    Avarice: Charging for crappy DLC like player skins that provides low bang-for-buck. Oh, and Sims Expansions. ALL of them.

    Gluttony: Failing to learn that there is a fine, fine line in gameplay between "a little bit of grinding" and "boring me to death with repetition".

    Lust: Female characters with unfeasibly large boobs and/or highly impractical outfits. If I wanted porn, I'd watch porn, dammit.

    PS3 kthxbai.


    The Seven Deadly Sins of Gaming

    Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita
    mi ritrovai per una selva oscura
    ché la diritta via era smar- Ahem! I mean:

    The first of seven gaming sins;
    the unhealthy obsession to have to win,
    yet strangely does not apply to academics.

    The second, for while we're on that thought:
    those educational games you know you bought,
    for a child who just wants to play RE3!

    Next on the list, ressurection loops that play,
    over and over and over again,
    when you die. Yes, I'm looking at you, Too Human.

    Sin number four stays true to its name,
    It's those sequels to all of your favourite games,
    that exceed a trilogy; bloody hell, let it die.

    Now we reach deadly sin number five:
    camping in corners to keep your killstreak alive,
    sure it works but I hate you please die. Seriously.

    Sin number six is next on its way,
    its staying indoors all night and all day,
    hey that's a pretty impressive moon tan you got there edward cullen.

    Last but not least is sin number seven;
    having St. Peter read out to you in heaven,
    your greatest achievement in life: The Mile High Club on COD4.


    I present to you, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS OF GAMING!!! (You must read it in an evil voice)

    1- Treachery: Team killing will send you to the first hellish circle. A land of utter horror as visions of your closest companions torture your very soul.

    2- Teabag: For all the tea baggers of gaming; one only prays he does not end up in this circle. An eternity of tea bagging for your sins.

    3- Cheat: Here you will never escape the hurt your screen cheating and cheat codes have caused.

    4- Rigs: All those whom have come across the beast of gaming itself; Big Rigs. All those dammed to this circle suffer an eternity of terrible physics and grammatical errors.

    5- Theft: For those who have purchased pirated games in their lifetime. Yes, it may feel great to have all the games you ever wanted for a fraction of the cost, but that will not help you in the fifth circle of hell as you 'burn' (get it) til' the end of time.

    6- Trade: The sixth circle of hell offers a cozy seat to all those whom have participated in any trade in deal at EB games. The punishment?! You have just traded in your soul to the devil.... For $20 off your next console purchase.

    7- Atkinson: The deepest and most hellish circle of them all. For all those whom have supported Michael Atkinson suffer an eternity of Wii tennis with the devil of gaming himself.

    PS3 user. Thanks

    1) First circle: Screen cheats - Gamers who have committed the sin of screen cheating must wander around this level for eternity wearing blinkers, without radar and constantly being shot from behind.

    2) Second circle: Exploiters - Gamers who have committed the sin of exploiting must spend eternity trying to bunny-hop onto ledges that aren't supposed to be reached while holding a rocket launcher, only to explode and respawn back at the start

    3) Circle Three: Kill-stealers and loot ninjas - Gamers that have committed this are doomed to a plane exactly like this one, except everytime they go to pick something up, someone else quickly reaches in and grabs it before them.

    4) Circle Four: Fanboyism - Fanboys are doomed to play through a Pokemon game for each colour in the visible spectrum, but WILL NEVER CATCH THEM ALL

    5) Circle five: Using walkthroughs - For gamers who could not help but peak at walkthroughs to solve puzzles, must spend eternity must consult a walkthrough before doing anything, including looking t walkthroughs

    6) Circle Six: Casual gaming - this unholy crime is punished by using the sinner as the ball in a never-ending game of Peggle

    7) Circle Seven: Spending too much time on Kotaku at work - when I'm fired, I'm sure that will be punishment enough

    XBox 360

    Well, as we all know Team Fortress 2 is the best game ever, so I am pretty sure I can give the 7 deadly sins of gaming with reference to TF2.

    Oh, I like 360 by the way.

    1. Playing a Pyro. This is like sloth, if you were going the more traditional route. You can't argue this one; every game has something like playing a Pyro, you might call it 'OP', you might call it 'easy mode', but you know it is there. A way to play the game that is so easy, you might as well be touching your toes for how easy it is.

    2. Idling for items. This is like the traditional sin of avarice, where you sit on your ass, leave your computer running for 3 days straight just so you can get some hats. Hats. No really, you are running up a massive power bill for some animated hats. Plenty of games commit this sin, whether it is MMO grinding for things, cheat codes, whatever. The sin of putting things in a game that people will stop at nothing, not even a busted fusebox, to get.

    3. The RageQuit. Most in line with wrath, this sin is most often committed by players, but the game designers bear some of the responsibility for it by their design decisions. While in a singleplayer game this has very little impact, in multiplayer it can be devastating. Closely related to logging off in the middle of a raid or MMO instance, the rage quit can leave a group of online gamers without recourse, pounding their foreheads on their keyboards at the thought of trying to drum up another player to hit the minimum required for a game of Enemy Territory Quake Wars.

    4. 3 Medics on 1 Heavy. Most closely resembling the classic sin of envy, many players suffer from a bout of 'me-too' when they see someone else on their team succeeding. Instead of finding their own offensive class teammate to put some heals on, thereby boosting the team's chance of winning, these players figure that they will score higher on the charts if they cut in on a successful Medic/Heavy teamup.

    5. Ubersaw Medic Team Spawncamp. My god. We get it, you're a frustrated Medic, your mate is a frustrated Medic, you're both tired of hanging out on pub servers with a pack of noobs who don't listen when you tell them to attack the bloody sentry gun while Ubered. Phew. Anyway, this is like a modern sin of pride, where two healing classes get together and pwn the other team repeatedly with their ubersaws of death. I advise commiting sin 3.

    6. Excessive Taunting. There isn't much to draw a bead from this one to lust, except that I for one am completely sick of seeing taunting Demomen standing on some platform in the spawn area before a match, hitting the taunt key over and again. I know he has a smilie face on his crotch. I get it.

    7. The Huntsman. No question here, using the Sniper's Huntsman bow is equivalent quite directly to the classic sin of gluttony. You don't care how many people you hurt with your sidestep, arrow, sidestep tactics, you just want MOAR KILLs.

    While waiting to respawn in Hardcore Search & Destroy I heard a voice...

    God: “Confess your sins n00b.”
    n00b: “Only if you give me access to every beta, and unlimited Seeding abilities”
    God: “pft, gtfo. I’ll give you a few demos”
    n00b: “ Okay Deal... “lara croft nude” was my most ‘Altavista’d query between 1996-2001”
    God: “Did you ever nude patch? Amazing. Go on...”
    n00b: “I tried in 2001, but got the Nimda virus instead. An epic fail which was out done by the days I spent trying to unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64”
    God: “F*** you are a noob n00b.”
    n00b: “I fell off a roof with 24 kills in MW2, so close to a nuke, but so far...”
    God: “I have 100% accuracy and billions of kills.”
    n00b: “you fu***** booster!”
    God: “what about the time you played WoW for 2 days straight, ROFLMAO”
    n00b: “I got forgiveness for that shi* already. I will never buy gold again”
    God: “what the shi*? You BOUGHT gold? I think you’re talking to the wrong guy here.. satan?!”
    n00b: “no! Ok ok! I only bought Dead or Alive 4 for the boobies...”
    God: “Hahah I made that sh*** mannn!”
    N00b: “you also made di**s.”
    God: “....”

    My preference is PS3! for the last and final sin.. I am guilty of the following flamebating statement.

    "PS3's cell processor PWNs the 360!"

      Haha +1 for making me roflmao. I used to do the same things, not that bad though

    Alrighty, this is Reverend Nath (it's a real priestly name O.K., study the bible), here to hit you with some sinful knowledge, for my entry in this competition I'll be listing 7 Deadly Sins and 1 Heavenly Virtue that gamers indulge in and display (and by gamers I definitely don't mean myself, I mean a few others I know...I am a man of the virtual cloth).
    These are based mainly on Dante's interpretation but there is one more traditional sin in there.
    I have also included a Heavenly Virtue that all ye gamers should aspire to incorporate in your daily gamer lives.

    Console Preference: PS3

    Gamer's Avarice
    -Sin: Buying DLC that has purely aesthetic purposes. One could argue that the price of the DLC is often punishment enough in itself, however people like...a friend of mine...who pay $5 for an in-game hat need to go to gamer's hell.
    -Example: Getting Ryu's alternative costume in SF4. Yes, it looks cool, but that's it. It just. Looks. Cool.

    Gamer's Lust
    -Sin: Thou shalt not indulge in games with prominent "fan-service", i.e cleavage and skirts.
    -Example: Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos on PSP. 'Nuff said. Just look up the game on YouTube if you haven't already heard of it.

    Gamer's Pride
    -Sin: Secretly trying your hardest against little kids who are better than you but saying you "let them win".
    -Example: Last Friday when my...I mean a friend's little cousin nearly beat them at Super Smash Brothers Melee with that annoying Mr Game and Watch (Gamecubes are holy awesome).

    Gamer's Wrath
    -Sin: Taking your anger out on the game, controller, console, little brother, frail grandparent, unfortunate nearby cat, etc, when losing.
    -Example: "WHAT THE F**K was that s**t Jeremy, you weren't even aiming at me and you hit me with that stupid random grenade launcher s**t!" *throws controller at pet*

    Gamer's Sloth
    -Sin: Being too lazy to save at the save point before a huge, looming gate. C'mon, it's a huge, looming gate. Shift your left thumb a bit, make your character waltz up to that glowing icon, and save.
    -Example: Pretty much just before any last boss of any JRPG.

    Gamer's Envy
    -Sin: Framing someone as a cheater even though they're just generally better than you.
    -Example: "I swear to god all you do is camp man, everytime I get killed it's from behind. No it's not because I'm running around shooting at the trees, it's coz you camp. Camping cheater cheater boy."

    Gamer's Despair
    -Sin: Getting depressed over not being able to beat a level in a game.
    -Example: That stoooopidly hard last boss of the Baldur's Gate 2 expansion pack, Throne of Bhaal. Many a tear shed.

    And now the Heavenly Virtue:

    Gamer's Patience
    -Virtue: Not buying useless DLC, waiting till it comes out for free (it happens). Not indulging in games just for the boobage. Being patient with little kids who kick your ass, and not throwing the controller at pets. Using that damn save point. Learning from those that are better than you. Not getting depressed when you can't beat a level and just being patient and finding a way to win. Patience will get you a long way with games!

    May you walk the path of DSLite over darkness.

    Stay holy yo.

    Rev. Nath

    (Holy email address, in case your sinning eyes can't spot it at the proper place - [email protected])

    Some games are fun, others are crappy, but some are just darn sinful.

    Gluttony - Playing the ever-hungry Pac-family.

    Lust - Playing the oddly erotic/erotically odd Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball.

    Envy - Playing the lonely Luigi in any game, desperately trying to find a bestselling game to rule.

    Wrath - Playing an Evil or Renegade character in a BioWare game.

    Sloth - Getting called obese by Wii Fit, not remembering BMI is a very stupid system.

    Pride - Playing a Good or Paragon character in a BioWare game. Showoff.

    Greed - Creating a pay-per-month MMORPG.

    And a PS3 version would be lovely.

    Deception: Not telling my friend how to play the game properly so I do better.
    Deafness: Pretending not to hear said friend asking for help.
    Distraction: Randomly yelling BOB SAGET to confuse my friend.
    Dirty Play: Knocking the controller out of my friends' hands.
    Debauchery: Eating all the snacks while my friend starves, removing his strength.
    Douchebaggery: Openly gloating at how great I'm doing and how terrible my friend is playing.
    Depression: Realizing I have no friends and that the other player is my dog.


    Gluttony – Buying new titles to just have them stockpile up and never ever break the seal and let them sniff what the drive of my ps3/360 are like even though you have a massive backlog of games to get through and not enough time.

    Lust – Having an e-relationship with some women in everquest/wow totally upon the fact that you lust over them night elve asses or lust over her voice in vent

    Greed – ROLLING ON EPIC LOOT YOU DONT NEED JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! or, you feel that that person is “too noob” to acquire such an item.

    Sloth – Not caring about the finer technical points of a game and skipping cut scenes because you just dont care, neglecting the awesomeness of games because you want to speed run through.

    Wrath – Me breaking a ps2 slim over my knee because of Dragonball Z was “apparantly” cheating.. or, ONYXIA WIPE! MORE DOTS DOTS MORE DOTS!!!

    Envy – Me being so poor as a child that i envied every one of my friends who had a playstation console when i was still playing a mega drive :(

    Pride – Confronting the angry HALO community on live and copping a verbal beating from them and their inflated chests full of pride because you aren’t as good.

    PS3 please

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