And The Winner Is... Wait For It...

If you're in the running to win the Final Fantasy XIII special edition - plus strategy guide, poster and art card set - you'll have to wait until next week to find out if your postcard from Cocoon has brought home the goods.

Just as a reminder, the wittiest/cleverest/funniest postcard will earn:

1st Prize * The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * The Official Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide (pictured, thanks to Bluemouth Interactive) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

Plus, two runners-up will each receive: * A standard edition Final Fantasy XIII (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

Entries have closed, but if you missed out, there are a few other competitions about to kick off. Stay tuned!


    not going to show off a few more entries? :)

    Oh you dirty tease!

    Worn out my damn refresh button since Monday.... Oh well, I shall resume my beard growing til then.



      Keeping you all on your toes :P

        Junglist, how long have you been on Kotaku for?

          I've see him since Monday. I'm hoping it's a permament placement, since David has been away recently and two contributors would be awesome.

    Maybe they had so many awesome entries that they are negotiating with the distributors for more copies to give away...



    Junglist? When did you start working for Kotaku? Great to see you back in the mainstream gaming world :) i was soooo pissed when the "issues" happened at GG. Whats with replacing you? I refuse to watch that show any more. i now just d/l x-play.

    I thought entries were suppose to close last Sunday?

      Ill read the full post next time, lol.

      Yes, entries have close.

    I'd reeeally love that strategy guide. I might have to buy it even if I don't win this comp LOL.

    Did any of the winners from the Napoleon comp get their prize in the mail yet? Mine still hasn't come and I'm pretty keen to get my Napo on.

      I have yet to receive copies of Heavy Rain, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles I won from here months ago :(

    Something smells fishy...maybe they are getting more copies of the game since there were so many good entries :P
    Or maybe its false hope..:(

      False hope is still hope! xD

    Can you please post the results for this competition? =/
    I can't go and buy it in case I actually win, so that means I've been stuck FF13-less for like two and a half weeks.
    Don't leave us hanging!
    *continues to refresh Kotaku*

    winners please???????

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