You Sent Us These FFXIII Postcards From Cocoon

To win the Final Fantasy XIII special edition - plus strategy guide, poster and art card set - we asked you to create postcards from FFXIII's world of Cocoon. Here's some of the postcards we've received so far.

The long-awaited Square Enix RPG is out now in Australia. Thanks to Aussie distributor Ubisoft, we have three FFXIII prize packs up for grabs. They are:

1st Prize * The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * The Official Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide (pictured, thanks to Bluemouth Interactive) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

Plus, two runners-up will each receive: * A standard edition Final Fantasy XIII (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

How do you win?

Easy. We want you to send us a postcard from Cocoon, the world in which Final Fantasy XIII takes place. The wittiest/cleverest/funniest postcard we receive will take the major prize; the next best will score the runners-up packs.

You've got until this Sunday to get your entry in. No multiple entries are allowed. We'll be posting more of your entries as they arrive. Let's take a look at another eight, selected at random, right now.

Do you think you can beat these guys?

Good luck!

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    Mine's there :)

    Gotta admit though, there's some pretty impressive entries coming in. It's going to be very tough to win this or manage to come in as a runner-up with this kind of quality. The amount of work that's gone into some of these is awesome.

      That's why I didn't even try ;>_> Kotaku comps make me sad face 'cos they all require creativity, which I lack, and miss all those awesome prizes T__T

    Yeahhhhh.... Hmmmmm, well I think my usual Cookie Monster entry wont even get a display compared to these pics!

    Great work to all of you though, I'm very jealous of the skills you all have.

      *shakes Qumulys around*
      There is always a place for cookie monster!

      *colapses and sobs quietly*

        I'm so sorry loopa!!! What was I thinking??? Surely Dave has a soft spot for furries?

        *huge happy sobby thankyou loopa hugs*

        Mind you, I gotta say again how great the quality is in these comps now!

    Wow those are really great and very funny!!

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