These Were The Best FFXIII Postcards We Received From Cocoon

The suspense has been excruciating, I know. But I can now - finally - reveal the winners of our Final Fantasy XIII giveaway. Let's take a look.

But first, a quick recap, since it's been so long.

Thanks to Ubisoft we had three Final Fantasy XIII prize packs up for grabs. There was one major prize, containing:

* The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * The Official Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide (thanks to Bluemouth Interactive) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

Plus, two runners-up prizes, containing: * A standard edition Final Fantasy XIII (on Xbox 360 or PS3) * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII poster * A limited edition Final Fantasy XIII art card set

To win, we asked you to send us a postcard from Cocoon.

Before we announce the winner though, I'd like to thank Ubisoft again for donating an extra THREE runners-up prizes. They were so impressed with the quality of entries that they just had to reward three more of you with some Final Fantasy goodies. Thanks, Ubisoft!

So, here are the FIVE runners-up:

And here is the major prize winner. Congratulations to Josh V!

Well done everyone who entered, and congrats again to the six winners. I'll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes. Also, look out for some more of your postcards tomorrow...


    Nice, some really good entries.
    Congrats Josh! =]

    Bugger, I didn't win :(

    Congrats to all those that did win though, some good entries there.

    a couple things i love about kotaku competitions..

    The uneasy wait.. knowing a winner will come sooner rather than later and hoping that it'll be me

    The anticipation.. the way my heart creeps up to my throat when i see "and the winners are" posts

    and lastly either the exhilerating win, or the dissapointing loss. The best thing is though, that even when you don't win, the other entries still put a smile on your face and think "well yeh, those ARE pretty damn good"

    Every competition i enter arouses the same feeling.

    i may not have won this one, and i was definately bested by these entires, but i'll get the next one guys :P haha

    Fantastic work and a VERY much deserved winner. That was pure genious.

    On a side note, Goose, in the original post you said if i killed a real Cactaur i'd win - what gives? hahaha

    ... besides the fact it was a guy dressed as a cactaur that i've never met in my life...

      Well said.

      Theres just one thing I'll like to add to the list of "things we love about Kotaku comps"

      ...they're actually WINNABLE!

      I don't enter many of the comps but that's just how I felt about this one! haha

    Oh wow, thanks! I am so glad I held off buying it now! Congrats to the other runner-ups too, and especially to the winner Josh, well deserved, it made me LOL :D

    Thanks a lot! Mine is the Cocoon Circus one :D Pretty cool that Ubisoft were willing to throw in some more prizes too.

    well s***! I didn't win.
    Here was mine, I really hope David received it before the end date.

    David, can you confirm if you got mine or not? Would appreciate it.

    Congrats to the winners.

      I sure did. Yours was on the shortlist of about 15. Unfortunately I then had to cut nine.

        Thanks for confirming.

          I'll just try to take solace in the fact that, at least in my own little world, I can think that I at least made the shortlist :P

          I thought I had a really good idea too, but I noticed someone else thought of something quite similar, which probably hurt both our chances.

    Wow, that was unexpected. I don't think I've ever won anything in my life, let alone a major prize. Cheers to Kotaku and Ubisoft!

    And thanks everyone!

      awesome job josh - very well won!

    Well done Josh, great postcard, made me lol :)

    I agree, that was one awesome post card Josh! Though it might be true, that chocobo might be pulling the strings behind the scene :P

    Thanks Kotaku!

    Mines the 'Cancoon Mexico Schoolies Week'.
    I even went to the trouble of creating a font with my own hand writing. That took a while.
    Did anyone pick up on the 'Mr 33cm' reference?

      Your postcard was absolutely brilliant. Loved the girls gone wild reference.

    hell cut i made a life size cactuar and killed it and didn't win =[

    Darn, quite disappointed that I didn't win, but oh well. Can anyone explain to me the postcard which won? It feels like I'm missing the joke.

      Woop, sorry, I got it. Clever!

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