AU Diary: Once Again I Forgot To Shave

Oops. I forgot to announce the fifth and final winner of the EA Sports and Gillette comp. So let's announce it now.

And the winner is Choc and his sly wink to Space Channel 5: "Gillette Fusion Gamer: Up, down, left, right shave shave shave."

Choc joins the other four previously announced winners in scoring himself the EA Sports and Gillette Gamer pack, pictured right there.

And finally, if you fancy a challenge and want to improve your game then get involved in the Gillette EA SPORTS Champion Gamer on Xbox360, starting on March 15. Register at to find out the details and how to win.


    I was wondering when we find out who won the Metro 2033 contest?

    what a lucky guy

    Don't worry, David, I completely forgot too :P

    Congrats, Choc!

    Also, David, I've recieved the soundtrack for FFCC:TCB, game still coming. Thanks for checking ;)

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