Kotaku AU’s Community Service Award Goes To…

Gosh, isn't this exciting? Today we're handing out our second Community Service Award. It goes to the Kotaku commenter who made the most valuable contribution over the past week. And the winner is…

James Mac!

James is one of those commenters I've come to realise I can rely on. As you know, I have to manually approve every comment before it's published on the site. It can be tedious. So I take some shortcuts: I skim read, looking for obvious obscenities; I check the email address or URL you've entered, just in case our spam filter ain't working; and I note the commenter's username. The latter works for people like James (and others!) in that I can rest assured that they're not going to say something stupid.

So, thanks, James, and well done. You can choose five prizes from the following pairs:

1. A Mafia II 2010 pin-up calendar … or a Batman: Arkham Asylum t-shirt (size L) 2. A Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World plush toy (looks like some kind of feline) … or a Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans figurine (it’s the dude in orange with spikey hair) 3. A God of War III PS3 game (promo disc only, no box) … or an Army of Two: The 40th Day Xbox 360 game (boxed copy) 4. A Street Fighter IV Ryu figurine … or a Street Fighter IV Ken figurine 5. A Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Xbox 360 game (boxed copy) … or a M.A.G. PS3 game (promo disc only, no box)

Kotaku AU’s Community Service Award goes to the Kotaku reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past week. Each week I’ll publish a list of ten items – grouped in five pairs – taken from the 2010 Big Pile Of Crap. And each Monday I’ll announce the weekly prize winner. That winner will then be able to choose five items – one from each pair – from the pile to be delivered to their door.

In other news, since the inaugural winner, Jay, never replied to my email, last week's prizes are all going back into the Big Pile of Crap.

And finally, a few more of you have sent in your designs for the Community Service Award logo to replace that Katamari screenshot I keep using. Vote in the comments for your favourite!


    Mine is the Shaq Fu one, but my vote is going to Andrew B . Should be an easy win for him - that's fantastic.

    Also congrats James - A very very well deserved win. Just a pity you missed out on the tea which may or may not have gone to last weeks winner :P

      Vote Captain Planet for president

    I'd have to vote for the Captain Planet logo, simply because it's Captain Planet.

    With him around, Kotaku's polution levels will be taken down to zero.

      i think it's captain pollution. apart from him being green you can slightly see the tear in his uniform at the neck hole.

      well, either way, i vote for the captain!

      +1 for Captain planet, for this exact reason.

      I vote for the Captain Planet based on as well, cause he's a hero, he's gonna take trolling down to zero. He's our comments magnified and he's fighting on Kotaku's side.

    Sucks for you Jay. Grats James.

    Congratulations James Mac, that's some nice swag for you to choose from, hope you make the right decision. (shirts last longer than calendars.)

    And I vote for andrew b's logo

    I vote for tasos' logo, because it made me laugh and because it's clear what it is as a thumbnail. andrew b's is good but it needs to be fullsize to make sense.

      I vote tasos for the same reason.
      Good Mass Effect 2ness, but there's a certain charm in the simplicity of the Fonz.

      I knew I should have cut out %95 of Shepards backpack thing. :(

      However, that would interfere with my tying to turn this whole site into a Mass Effect 2 shrine

    I like the top left one :D

    Also, grats James! Hope you enjoy the mini-pile!

    Gratz to James!!

    Now David, does voting for you in any way gain me brownie points for future competitions? ;)

    haha nah i vote for David's, "I'll deliver my crap to your door". Very amusing :P

    Congratulations James.

    I like Andrew B's one because it's the only game related one (aside from Shaq Fu, but who doesn't want to forget that?) It's also the most inventive as far as I can tell.
    Otherwise, Maki's is the best as a thumbnail because you can read it without enlarging it.

    I'm new to Kotaku AU (been long time reader of Kotaku.com though) - why do our Gawker accounts not work here?

    Also, I'd like to vote for Matthew H's Medallion picture.

    P.S. I am enjoying the Australasian viewpoint here - some great stuff!

      Also, could I suggest you do something like Kotaku.com did a year or so back and have a "King Kommenter" who did the comment moderation to share the load.

      Could allow to focus on running the site rather than having to deal with these comments all the time :)

    I vote for tasos logo, because it's funny and the picture makes soo much sense for a winner. :D

    hmm sonic or M.A.G :3

    Congrats to James Mac... so which is it? Ryu or Ken!?

    I vote for tasos' picture, with Mass Effect getting the nod for Ask Me Stuff, we don't need it representing something else.

    So a thumbs up from the "The Fonz" telling us how "awesome" we are? Isn't that something we strive for?

    Silly silly Jay. Don't you know free things are the best things?

    Captain Palent ftw. I agree with Connor, the green hair never fails.

    That is an epic size pile of swag, congrats James.

    Sigh. I *always* say something stupid. :(

    I vote for Captain Planet. He's a hero.

    Congrats James! I'm voting for Loopys entry, only cause he makes me feel warm and snuggy, so I may be biased! :p

    No wooden spoon award for worst poster?

      The worst poster can have this second hand Super mario bros Dvd i got for $5


    Kaptain Planet with his green mullet and dedication to community service!

    Thanks everyone for your congratulations.

    I'm honoured. You love me... you really love me.

    And thanks Dave, I got a really nice feeling when I read your comments. I won't lie, most of my comments sit on my desktop for a few minutes whilst I check them for spelling and clarity of thought. And I tend to reserve most of my spamming for the MekTek forums spam section.

    I just checked and I haven't recieved an email either... so maybe Jay just didn't get it?

    I do have two questions, if I may:
    When you say size L, are we talking comic book guy large or something more reasonable? And, if it wont set a precedent, or break the rules (feel free to say no)... can I please have the mint tea from last week instead of the stuffed toy?

    Not owning a PS3, can I please have the Xbox games and the Ken figurine?
    I'll await your answer before deciding on the other two.

    Oh, and I vote for Sheppard or the Fonze.

      This is why you are a champ. You want the tea!!!

      I vote for FatShady's picture as i think only one other person said they liked it:(

      I guess I better brush up on my funny-ness...

        Perhaps the tea should be removed from the pile of crap completely, and held more as a goal to aspire to?

        Perhaps a photo of the tea could be made into the logo for the community award?

        Allowed to vote for your own pic? If so, I vote for Tasos' pic. :P

          That's not how it works. I can only vote for mine cause I only got one vote and have no chance. Good luck with yours though.

    It would be a lot easier to contact people if you linked your usernames to Facebook accounts. Don't pretend you don't have them.

    Also, congratulations, James.

      Vote 1 Tasos. Eyyyy!

    I vote for the Fonz. Looks pretty well done and gave me a laugh ;)

    I vote for the Fonz.

    Yeah gotta vote for Tasos' pic, if i won an award thats what exactly what i would want to see :D

    Definately voting for my hero - Captain Planet

      and I say he's my hero because that's my design ;)

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