Press X To Jason

Kotaku reader Nathan had the sudden urge to yell "Jason... Jason!" while walking through a Canberra shopping mall over the weekend.

[Thanks Nathan!]


    I hope the kid didn't run out onto the road.....

    ha ha, gold.

    Grab him before your life is ruined!

    That is funny... I played the flash game also but this is heaps better... was this his kid or is he taking random pics of kids at the shops?

    This took me longer than it should have to clue on

    Heavy Rain makes me depressed =(

      Depressed from the glaring plot holes?

        No, depressed from all the terrible things that occur in the game. Especially those involving children =(

    I don't get it :S

      All I see is a badly taken picture of a child looking at cake. I get the meme, but not how it relates to the image.

      phew. im not the only one.

        I'd say the young boy in a green shirt holding a red balloon has a lot to do with it....

        On another note, you would not want to be getting caught taking pictures of young children on your phone...granted the reason for taking it would appear above board, it's just some people would take it the wrong way.

      Jason was holding a red balloon and wearing a green t-shirt in the game.

        For those of us obviously not in the know... *what* game?

          Heavy Rain. In the opening sequences, one of the playable characters' sons is wearing a green shirt and holding a red balloon, and you need to find him in a shopping centre - that's really all I can say without spoilers.

          It's a fairly memorable moment though - if you get a chance to play the game, you'll see what it's on about.

      The kid (Jason) in Heavy Rain is wearing the same clothes holding a red balloon and your character needs to find him in a shopping centre but he gets hit by a car as he was outside all along. The game then explores the characters as they go through stages of depression.

    Hey, I live in Canberra!

    That said, I have no idea which shopping mall this photo was taken in, there are no real defining characteristics I can identify.

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