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Every Wednesday David asks you to Ask Him Stuff. David's not here today, so if you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

In case you're wondering, David's over in L.A. for the rest of the week, checking out some new games. He'll be back Monday, but until then you'll have to put up with me.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    do you think they will port crysis to consoles pending the success of crysis 2?

      i don't think so. Crysis 2 is built on their new engine which was built to scale appropriately across different platforms. i wouldn't expect them to do a Crysis port... unless it's like Half-Life: Source?

        @ Seamus Byrne
        at a expo last year they were showing crysis running on ps3 and xbox

    How do you feel about Sheamus not having any confirmed matches at WWE's over the limit Pay Per View next week?
    It's a shame for they, lost their head
    A careless man who could wind up dead
    You wear your sin like it's some kind of prize
    Too many lies, too many lies
    Oh, oh, these words are true, and I'll make you believe
    Yeah, ya' fight for air and struggle just to breathe
    And you wear your cowardice well
    And I will see you ride it straight to Hell

      I'm just glad my name is spelled the traditional way, so I don't have to compete with a WWE star for search engine ranking.

    Hi David,

    Earlier in the week you touched on what you look for in games and provided an insight into you top 10 games of the last decade. Among them was Shadow of the Colossus, and this is not the first time this game has been highlighted to me.

    As an xbox owner in the last generation (but now a dual+ console household: X360, PS3, PSP) I missed playing this title but think it is something I’d enjoy. Is the only way to play this title with a PS2 or backwards compatible PS3? Both of which I do not own, do you know of any plans or whispers for this title to be released on PSN or PSP?

    Thanks in Advance

      Oops ...

        i reckon you could buy a ps2 + shadow of the colossus for under AU$90

          That's buying Shadow and getting a free PS2 right?

          SoTC goes for ridiculous amounts of cash on eBay, have seen several copies running for $70-80+ on there. Ditto for ICO unfortunately.

      I'll answer this one! As per this link:

      It appears that SoTC is definitely playable on the backwards compatible PS3s. Good luck finding it on the cheap though :(

      No sign of either ICO or Shadow being re-released on PSN/etc yet though either..

      I heard a whisper that this game was getting a HD remake like God of War. It was just that though, a whisper. I have this game on PS2 but alas my PS2 is nowhere to be found!

        I wouldn't be surprised if this happens...

        I sold both (special edition) ICO and SOTC earlier this year with an extra ICO demo disc for a little over $200... just to give an idea of what they're worth if you're trying to track em down.

        The question at one point was posed to the people behind the games and it was something they said they were looking into.

        Mainly this has come from strong internet demand, I also would love them as a HD remake...

        Currently sitting at Number 5, as the most popular "idea/want" at the PlayStation Blog Share...

      Best suggestion right now might be to wait for 'Last Guardian' on PS3. I think there's a good chance of PS3 ports of Ico and SotC around that time. Ueda has said he's interested in doing it.

      After it appearing in numerous top 100's and reading abit about the last guardian, I told my mrs that we had to get it for collectors sake, next day (last tuesday) she went and sourced it out. Its pretty damn rare in PAL, out of the 3 Game stores and 5 EB stores that are within an hour of my town, there was only 1 preowned at an EB store. Cost $31. Outside cover was tattered but disc and inside covers were in good nick. Havent played it yet but tested it and the graphics are pretty damn good for a ps2 game. Best idea would be to import if you cant find it locally

    Is it true game journalists become highly gifted in the art of rebuilding cows from scratch using only butcher purchased choice cuts of meat??

    Oh and sorry about my late reply to winning the KSA. I am still super shocked and tremendously thankful (that was so cool to see all my cookies again!) Should I send you an email with my choices, or do you have all the info you need already, like address, etc. ?

      Lol at my failure to read. Sorry Seamus! My antibutchery question still stands tho :)

      Oh, and I had a Seamus in my classes all through high school whom had to deal with all new teachers calling him 'sea mus'. It drove us all to hysterics to see poor Seamus get angry (he had an anger problem) until one day he just got up and walked out of class. Cant say I blame him.
      Do you find that things have changed now days?? Or do you still find you have to correct people on how to pronounce 'Shay-mus'?

        I have no talent for reconstituting cows.

        Yes, at school my name was mangled. I'd just wait for the moment they were going to say my name during a roll call and pre-emptively strike by saying it myself.

        These days I think people seem to have more knowledge of the name. Maybe because of Harry Potter's friend or something. But still there's the occasional disaster...

      True story,
      My grandma sent a pig off to an abartuior to be slaughtered. They sent it back in its seperate cuts and my Grandma was convinced that she'd been ripped off. So she put it back together on the kitchen table with knitting needles.
      There was a whole pig... but she was still convinced it wasn't her own one.

        Oh, My, God. You dont have photo's do you. Wait... What am I asking for..

        This totally was not what I expected as an answer. Its turned quite the wrong way.... This world is weird!

          No no... this is a very acceptable request, I too am quite interested in seeing the re-constructed pig!

          Awesome Grandmother!

        Wow, best grandmother ever, I wish mine would knit pigs, I only get scarves.

          I should clarify that she didn't knit the thing back together, she used the needles as skeweres.

    Hey Seamus, big 'grats on the new gig. With your new role, will we see a few more posts from you here and there or will it be a more behind the scenes publishing role?

      From second week of June I'll be around here, but largely behind the scenes. For the most part I'll just be bossing David around, and other times I'll be telling Australians how awesome this site is (along with doing same for Gizmodo and Lifehacker).

        Noone can boss around the wildgoose, he tells YOUR boss what to do.

    Hi David.

    Why am I such a Backbreaker Fanboy and keep trying to use this forum to get the word out to Australian gamers to check it out... I don't think it is working, there are about 6 BB forum members :(

    Secondly, (*Serious face*) any chance of you finding out the actual Aussie Street date for this game. It has been delayed on and off since 09 I think but recently bumped back to June 1 2010. (JB/Game/EB etc all still say 27th May?

    Thanks again.

      Oops. Sorry Seamus... I obviously did not read the post before the question.

      I think there will be a bit of that..

      Thanks FatShady, I dont feel like such a failure at reading now :D Your support is awesome ;)

      Sorry, I'm so not on top of BackBreaker timings. Will do a little digging and if I find anything useful I'll follow up with another reply...

    David - I know all comments are moderated for Kotaku AU by you, but I really like the fact that rarely is there the trolling/fanboyism/namecalling you see on other sites with comments sections.
    I was wondering if this is a reflection on the maturity of AU gamers/Kotaku readers or some vigorous censoring by yourself?
    The US comments are generally a lot less friendly then our own...

      you trollin', hater.

      You're bang on. Seems we've got a pretty good crowd down here. I'd say better than 95% of comments are approved. Maybe 98%. Yeah, 1 troll in 50 feels about right. Makes modding a lot easier. Thanks everyone!

    How do I stop playing Bioshock2 and get some sleep? Preferably sleep that doesn't involve freaky splicer dreams.

      Round out your play session with a little bit of Flower to ease the tension. The early levels. Not after-- well, y'know...

    Anyone know the pricing for those Star Wars Xbox Avatar gear? Or will I just have to wait until tomorrow to d/l them?

    Also, what's with Red Dead Redemption being released on Friday, rather than Thursday? Will this be enforced? I'm planning to pick up Alan Wake after uni tomorrow, and will be mildly annoyed if I have to trek back to the shops on Friday for Red Dead.

    Also, anyone planning on buying Red Dead (Xbox or PS3) or Alan Wake should totally check out the current K-Mart catalogue - $84 each. Big savings over JB Hifi or EB Games.

      Nice price tip.

      Avatars: wait for tomorrow. You can't spend your points until you can spend your points, so don't worry until then.

      RDR: I'd be surprised if there aren't some broken street dates tomorrow. You're right, it's weird and it probably means store people will go into 'auto pilot' and push boxes early. Especially somewhere like K-Mart...

      That's it, I'm going to K-Mart Broadway right now to see if they've broken street on RDR. I was going to order it from CDWOW, but $84 is cheap enough for me to bricks+mortar this one and save waiting.

      Alan Wake is 74 at big W from tomorrow.

        So it is. That's fantastic!
        And my brother works at Big W as well... :P

        Big W also has Red Dead for $83.

    I spent the last of my money (once reserved for cost of living) on Red Dead Redemption and pringles. Was this a good decision?

      What flavour?

      shudda went red rock

        Kettle Chips are still the best...

          no way; it tastes too much like... potatoes

    Odd question but why is does us.kotaku now redirect to the Australian one? Hurrmm.

      It's not working today. We've let the US end know, as it's a fix at their end.

        Ah I see, ty for the info!

      ^^use that link, it works

    Help me choose - Red Dead Redemption or Alan Wake? I want them both but can only afford one this week!

    Also, any reasonably informed idea as to when the Star Wars: Old Republic will have its beta test? I'm really looking forward to that game.

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