Buy No More Heroes 2, Get Travis Touchdown's T-Shirt

Travis Touchdown is one cool dude. That's him there, slicing some fools with his katana in Wii action/adventure No More Heroes 2. Do you like his t-shirt?

I ask because All Interactive Entertainment, the Aussie distributor of No More Heroes 2, has gone and printed up a bunch of Travis Touchdown t-shirts. Not t-shirts with Travis on them, but the actual t-shirt he's wearing in the game.

They're pretty exclusive, too. You can only get them in Australia. And you can only get them if you buy No More Heroes 2 from GAME in Australia.

Of course, fashion is subjective. What do you think of the shirt? Is it a touchdown? Or is it a... Travis-tee?



    I wish I had some of the shirts from the first game. It's been a while since I've played it but the only design that has stuck with me was 'Beetle King'. I don't know why that one stuck but it did. Everytime I think of No More Heroes, Beetle King comes to mind.

    I guess this preorder shirt is somewhat nice but I definitely wouldn't wear that in public or with friends, they'll bash me up :( I'll wait til the price drops and pick it up or import it for a cheaper price.

    So is anyone bringing out the 360 version of NMH in the PAL regions?

    I don't know if I should feel dirty or just hang my head in shame, but a few weeks ago I preordered this just for the damn shirt! I've never played No More Heroes. I am importing the first game for PS3 and will hopefully play through it before this is released, but damn I need to stop spending money on thigs like that!

    so does anyone know if it comes with the game net pre order cause i actually want that shirt quite a bit

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