Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To…

Kotaku AU’s Community Service Award is bestowed weekly upon the reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past seven days. The newest recipient is...


Joshy's award is one earned through sheer exuberance. After all, I think he has set some sort of record for the most number of ":p" emoticons.

So, thanks, Joshy206, and well done. You can choose five prizes from the following pairs:

1. A Bayonetta Xbox 360 Climax Edition (with replica gun) … or a God of War III PS3 game and press kit (in wooden box) 2. A Monster Hunter Tri cap … or a BioShock 2 tin bottle 3. A Mass Effect 2 PC game … or a Sonic Classic Collection DS game 4. A Good Game “Gamer’s Guide to Good Gaming” book … or a Street Fighter Legends comic 5. A Nintendo DSi XL little black book (not pictured) … or a Nintendo DSi XL stylus pen (also not pictured)

Stay tuned Thursday for some new prizes!


    Well done dude... Oh also :P :) ;) :o :s ^_^ 0_0...

    ...yeh i could go on but i really can't be bothered so i'll finish with an xoxo

    Gratz to Joshy206!

    Would kill for the GoW3 press kit!

      Its dangerous to go it alone, take this!

      *hands you a BFG 9000 and 1*

    Thanks David! This is really awesome :D

    Now, I have to say, some of these are pretty big choices *resists urge to do colon-p smiley here*

    Anywho, I'm actually stumped on a few of these...

    I'd have to say the Gamer's Guide rather than the comic, Sonic over Mass Effect 2 (already got it :P), the cap over the bottle (yay for hats :D), but as for the others... I have to honestly say I don't know *musn't do the smiley*

    Anyway, is the stylus pen a stylus-shaped pen or a pen-shaped stylus? :P

    If it's the former, then the book would be awesome, but if it's the latter, still stumped.

    Hey, I just realised, you're probably going to send me an e-mail about this, and I'm just rattling on :P

    But I can ask a question to the public: if I have God of War III limited trilogy box thingy already, but my X-box is currently away getting fixed, what's the best thing to choose? Taking into account I've never played Bayonetta before, though :P

    Also, I just figured out that you're actually fairly right on the whole smiley matter. I've tried to not do it in this post, but 3 have made it through :P

    ...make that four.

      And thanks for all of the congrats, guys :)

      I hope you guys all get to win too :D

      that god of war press kit looks amazing, however if you havent played bayonetta here's your best chance. Bayonetta is an awesome game too.

      Congrats, and remember... the power is yours!!

      ditto to the tallkid123, you could probably scrounge a bayoneta climax kit online, but never a GOW3 press kit.

        I just did a quick search on ebay. That GOW3 press kit is worth $250+ alone.


          Ergo, you could never get a GOW3 press kit. (who's gonna spend 250 bucks on it LOL :D)

      GOWIII Press Kit... even now, my local JB still has some Climax Editions + Gun available to purchase and I think that is for $80-90...

      Press Kits are certainly more valuable, not that I condone it, as I'd never sell something like that, but you theoretically could sell the Press Kit for a few bucks to buy Bayonetta and just like K-Mart... "Expect Change"...

    GOW 3 press kit for sure!

    You can always get a climax edition but the opportunity to get your hands on a GOW3 press kit comes every once in a blue moon.

    I speak from experience as I have one.


    Congratulations gurl~

    Bayonetta is awesome. Breakdancing as a move. Win, much? Also gun thing :>

    congrats josh mate! since i know u in RL can i haz stuffs plz :P kidding, grats

    *crosses finger in hope*

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