These Are Kotaku's Deadliest Assassins

To win a copy of No More Heroes 2 - and the Aussie exclusive Travis Touchdown t-shirt - we asked you to prove your assassin credentials. Let's meet Kotaku's geekiest deadliest killers.

Thanks to All Interactive Entertainment, we had FIVE copies of No More Heroes 2 on Wii and FIVE very limited edition No More Heroes 2 t-shirts to give away. That's the shirt there on the right, as worn by Travis Touchdown in the game.

In No More Heroes, Travis Touchdown is a geek - or otaku - who becomes an assassin. In No More Heroes 2, he dual-wields katana lightsabers. You don't get much geekier than that.

You're all geeks - or otaku - so we asked you to show us why you'd make a good assassin. You had to send us a photo of yourself proving why being a geek makes you the perfect assassin.

Here are the winners...

From left to right, there's Cat's character sheet with an inventory boasting everything a true geek requires; there's Jamie riffing on Metal Gear Solid with perfect comic timing; there's Steve's beautifully lit pun; and Troy seizing the opportunity to indulge his penchant for crossdressing - and making us laugh.

Well done to the winners. I'll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes.


What's that?

Why did I only announce four winners?

Wait and see...


    Wait and see?! Damn I'm intrigued now... congrats to the winners... that have been announced so far... Curse Wildgoose and his mysterious ways.

    Hooray! Thankyou!

    Didn't win :( oh well. Well done to those that did! And I'll be waiting to see what's happening with the 5th winner!

      I'm predicting that somebody did something that could be described as 'Epic Awesomeness'... I'm also gonna predict that it may be somewhat Chuloopa related...

      Though just to cover all eventualities... I predict that I may be wrong too..

        He’s already won.

        Getting us to look at his crotch to find the Kotaku logo isn’t my idea of awesomeness.

        I actually took a photo for this where my collection of Rubik’s cubes would summon Pinhead from Hellraiser as soon as any of them were solved. But I didn’t submit it because the photo quality was awful. Serves me right for taking it with my phone I guess.

          Well at least my crotch is covered.. could have been much worse.

          You should post your photo in the "talk amongst yourselves" thread - i'd very much like to see it - poor quality or not!

    haha it's not chuloopa related there Jonmokoko - i'm the fourth winner up there (Troy) :P

    Super pumped to have won that much - Thanks so much David!

    Also just to clear the air - i don't usually cross dress, i only do it for all of you guys - you know, because i love you.

    Incidentally that is my partners outfit and i tore it trying to put it on :P

      Ah... thanks for clearing that up... hard to tell who's who what with us all hiding behind our alias'. Well done on winning.

      OH Loooopy!! *e-dribbles. You tease me so bad dressing up like that.... Have any close-ups of the tear?? Nice work btw! :D

    They were really funny everyone! Well done all :D

    Huzzah, I knew I was keeping that Sailor Scout outfit around for some reason!

    YAY! I was in two minds about buying this from GAME to get the shirt. Thanks guys and well done to the other winners!

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