Fantasy Rock Band 3

Boy that Rock Band 3 sure looks fun, huh? See that little synth dealie? Pretty rad. But what to play on it?

Harmonix has already revealed a partial playlist, and while their selections are sound, I can’t help but notice the absence of tunes I actually like. I don’t hate Crazy Train or anything but c’mon … where’s the Gary Numan? The Rammstein? The Prodigy?

The truth is, I would happily murder each and every one of you to ensure the inclusion of Amerika or Voodoo People in Rock Band 3. I don’t care that the former is in German and the latter doesn’t have any lyrics. This is fantasy Rock Band 3 we’re talking about here. This is the Rock Band 3 that Harmonix would make if the company were owned by me instead of EA. I can have whatever I want in it.

And so can you. So tell me: what songs would you include in your fantasy Rock Band 3?


    Some Asia would be nice. Only time will tell anyone?

    The Final Countdown by (what was their name again?)

    Rush has some nifty keyboard sections.

    Anyone remembers canadian band SAGA? On the loose, Don't be late, Scratching the Surface.

      The Final Countdown is by Europe.

      Just a few songs from many I would like.

      In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly
      Yer Blues by Jeff Healey
      Anything from Jerry Lee Lewis
      Anything from B.B. King and
      Anything from Beatallica

    Aha - Take On Me. `Nuff said.

    Blackfeather - Boppin The Blues

    '70s aussie classic lol

    PS: Final Countdown is in Lego RB. Hopefully they do it again with keyboard.

      Awww yeah! and anything from Daddy Cool or Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs.

    I would have loads of Incubus and VAST, as well as Interpol, Editors and some much needed Aussie artists.

    If I had to choose the greatest song to never appear in a music game though it would have to be "Africa" by Toto.

      Oh hell yes. Final Countdown is a must. I am so down for that.

    The super mario brothers tune.

    Surely if you've got keyboards, you have to have Walk of Life by Dire Straits?

    Even better, take the live version they did with Eric Clapton on 2nd guitar, then you've got some nice guitar solos to work with, too.

      Oh, and what about Funky Town by whoever it was that sang Funky Town?!?!?

      Jump by Van Halen?

      We Built This City On Rock and Roll by Starship(I think?).

        Funky Town! Oh man. That is the best suggestion yet.

        If you're thinking of the 80's version, it was by Pseudo Echo.

          Hey, the 80s version is the *ONLY* version! :)

            The original version by Lipps Inc was recorded in 1979, but it was released in 1980.


            Apparently there were a few versions released in the '80's, but the Pseudo Echo version was definitely the best.

    Placebo. Or tool. I would buy the full super dooper band kit to play either of them.

    Gary Numan - Cars
    Europe - The Final Countdown
    Aha - Take On Me
    Prince - 1999
    Van Halen - Jump

    That's what I've got so far.

      Oh, and how could I forget:

      Stan Bush - Touch (Original Transformers Movie)

    Put some goddamned classic Meat Loaf in there or I swear to god I'm gonna kill you all!

      +1 for Meat Loaf

    Well Muse goes without saying, but for something a bit more obscure, Run for your life - The Creepshow. Canadian rockabilly for the win. Covers all bases, 3 part vocal harmonies with both male and female parts. Double bass, keyboard, kickass drums and sweet guitar!

    give me some god damn Spandau Ballet and Go West and i'll be in heaven

      Agreed - if we are going down the Spandau Ballet path why not add some Tears for Fears...

    The Killers - Somebody Told Me
    Guns n Roses - November Rain
    Van Halen - Jump
    Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell

    Billy Joel? Elton John? Ben Folds? Anything by these guys at all?

      +1, particularly to Billy Joel, the opening to pressure would work perfectly on their little keyboard (not to mention piano man which well, yeah).


    Riders On The Storm by The Doors
    My Neighbourhood Has Been Overrun By Baboons by The Dairy Brothers (an Adelaide band)
    Cocaine Blues by Hank Thompson
    Crockett's Theme by Jan Hammer
    Send Me An Angel by Scorpions
    Batdance by Prince
    Send Me An Angel by Real Life
    Rockin' All Over The World by Status Quo
    Anything from Muse

    Ok, I'll stop now.

      I know I put Send Me An Angel twice, but they're two completely different songs by two different bands.

        Do you mean Send Me an Angel by Real Life? The one from the 80's movie RAD? :0

    Some more Dream Theater to murder our fingers on keyboard!

    When the Music's Over - The Doors (or any other song)
    Vitriol - Bluejuice
    Sorted for E's and Whiz - Pulp
    Love Cats - The Cure

    Buttloads more I'd love to see, but I'm at work. Post more when I get home! ;)

      Twisiting - They Might Be Giants
      Underwear - Pulp
      The Wine Song - The Cat Empire (not much guitar in this one though...if any!)
      We Will Become Sillhouettes - The Postal Service
      Yippiyo Ay - The Presets
      Godhopping - Dogs Die In Hot Cars
      Why Does This Always Happen To Me - Weird Al Yankovic :0
      Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd & David Bowie Live at Royal Albert Hall (but I mostly want this for the kickass guitar solo at the end!)

      More I'd love to see of course, but I could probably go all night ;)

        Seconded, thirded and fourth...ed(?) for Wine Song.

        Also, Song for Elias would be great for the harmonies and keyboard.

    Devo, Doors, Talking Heads, Parliament

    WHERE THE FUCK IS MEATLOAF??? His sounds are BUILT around epic keyboard solo's, this would be the perfect opportunity to finally bring him into the music game genre. I don't understand why it hasn't happened yet either, he's a pretty big name. More specifically:
    I would do anything for love (This is the most important one)

    Bat out of hell

    Paradise by the dashboard light

    Oh, and give us Layla by Derek and the Dominos. That long instrumental section at the end would be a great workout for both keyboard and guitar. Not to mention being possibly the best song ever :)

    The Angels anyone? I mean The Dogs Are Talking, We Gotta Get Outta This Place, Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again? Shadow Boxer, Mr. Damage, Let The Night Roll On. There's a killer aussie expansion pack right there.

    Failing that, Pulp - Common People.

      You forgot "Take A Long Line". One of their best I reckon.

    My only request would have to be "Apache".

    But specifically the version done by Michael Viners Incredible Bongo Band.

    If they give me some Counting Crows or some more Killers, I'm all there. That said, most of the suggestions all the way up this page are pretty damn good.

    I want re-releases of Guitar Hero songs, mostly.

    To play the intro to TTFATF on, y'know, the instrument it was written for would be good. Also - American Pie, Killer Queen... A whole buncha' Muse would be amazing, though I see that being a separate expansion.

    Seriously - Imagine Knights of Cydonia - 3 Part Harmony - Keyboards as well as epic guitar...Oh, it makes me a little bit moist, honestly.

    I agree with "Jump" by Van Halen and HUGELY agree with "Take On Me". "Piano Man", Billy Joel for def's. Also - Buttloads of Queen.

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