Harmonix Will Add ‘Call Me Maybe’ To Rock Band

Harmonix Will Add ‘Call Me Maybe’ To Rock Band

Call Me Maybe. Rock Band. Next Tuesday. $US1.99. Today is not just a historical day for Rock Band, or for Carly Rae Jepsen or for indecisive phonecallers. It’s a historical day for all of us. [Rock Band blog]


  • I am ashamed to say I will go buy this BUT IN MY DEFENCE it’s for the benefit of the female friends I play Rock Band with.

    • In terms of ‘Fad’ songs, Call Me Maybe is actually pretty good. No need to feel ashamed.

      Well, not too ashamed.

    • Yeah, it’s a well written song. Anyone who disagrees with that is obviously too immature and self-conscious to admit what they actually like for fear of being judged.

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