Harmonix Will Add 'Call Me Maybe' To Rock Band

Call Me Maybe. Rock Band. Next Tuesday. $US1.99. Today is not just a historical day for Rock Band, or for Carly Rae Jepsen or for indecisive phonecallers. It's a historical day for all of us. [Rock Band blog]


    I am ashamed to say I will go buy this BUT IN MY DEFENCE it's for the benefit of the female friends I play Rock Band with.

      In terms of 'Fad' songs, Call Me Maybe is actually pretty good. No need to feel ashamed.

      Well, not too ashamed.

        Yeah just wait till they release Gangnam Style... then you can feel ashamed :P

      Yeah, it's a well written song. Anyone who disagrees with that is obviously too immature and self-conscious to admit what they actually like for fear of being judged.

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