WIN! The Loved Ones Have Splendour Tickets For You

We have a splendid pair of tickets (with camping) to Splendour in the Grass to giveaway to a lucky reader for telling us a music festival horror story in just 25 words or less. All thanks to the scary new movie "The Loved Ones"... so, what's your story? ENTRIES CLOSE TONIGHT!

Maybe it's the intro to a larger horror moment, maybe it's a perfect music festival slasher death moment, or maybe you just lost your tickets at the gate. We're looking for the most creative concept for a music festival horror moment told in less than 25 words.

Bust out your entries in the comments and make sure you include a valid email address. We'll be getting in touch right away and need to pass on your phone and DOB details to Splendour on Friday, 16 July. If we can't get hold of you right away, we'll be passing the prize on to another lucky reader!

Here's the trailer for the new Aussie film, "The Loved Ones", which has a freaky 'Wolf Creek meets date movie' vibe:

And here's the story taster:

Brent (Xavier Samuel) never recovered from the car crash that killed his father: the crash that he was responsible for. His only solace is his loving girlfriend Holly (Victoria Thaine). But there's another girl who yearns to comfort Brent, the quietest girl in school, Lola (Robin McLeavy), and when he turns down her invitation to the end of year dance he enters a nightmare beyond imagining.

A terrifying series of events take place under the light of a mirrored disco ball, involving pink satin, glitter, syringes, nails and power drills. Brent must summon every ounce of will he possesses if he is to survive and prevent Lola and her father from extending their revenge to those he loves the most.

Entries close at 11.59pm, Wednesday, 14th July. Winner scores the two GA Event Camping tickets to Splendour in the Grass, valued at $463 each. The prize is tickets only. [T&Cs]


    A trio of teenagers go to a concert but the band are actually spawn of the devil and their music is converting people into followers.

    BDO, 2010. I didn't even know my mother was going until I saw her on the big screen.... Topless.

    You follow the drunken text clues of a missing mate until you find out the truth… "IT'S PEOPLE! SATAY CUISINE IS MADE OUT OF PEOPLE!"

    'Rocking out at Scissor Sisters. Chick wants to hop on my shoulders for view. Gay near ladyparts?! No. Attempt avoiding violence from her jealous boyfriend.'

    Here's hoping! I want to see the Scissor Sisters again!

    Week before Woodford I get a filling. Xmas Eve it hurts; set up camp on Xmas day, tooth infected. No doctors onsite for 3 days.

    After the last band of the night we all get into our cars and begin to long drive home, but then we see someone getting dragged from their cars into the bushes on the side of the road. There is no reception and we have only seconds to decide what to do

    At big day out this year in Sydney (2010) the weather was disgustingly hot. Never before had I dripped so much sweat or been so delirious! I thought I was imagining it at first but I saw this guy running full speed towards us through the crowd. He was dodging this way and that through the people, I swear almost on all fours. I had never seen anyone look so much like a crazed animal. He was like a cheater or something on full pursuit. His eyes were popping out of his head and I'm sure he may have been foaming at the mouth. My friend had to push me out of the way before he bowled me over. We watched him in shock, running and dodging through the fast. Then I noticed he was kicking a squashed red cup...The whole experience was frightening...would he have stopped if he knocked me over?? or trod on my face? The worst his crazed mind was the squashed cup really a squashed cup?

    woodford folk fest: mud-fight leads to us not getting allowed on the bus.. 4 hour trek home through flooded paddocks and barbed wire.

    Got hit on by girl, rejected her because her huge sunglasses looked silly. Then my friend told me it was Lily Allen. Who I love.

    Drums, beats, feel it through your chest.
    What most call a festival, I call a test.
    Splendour in the Grass? Surrender me the Pass!

    2009 Soundwave the 1 hour queue to get into the venue, missed the opening bands and girls pretending to faint to cut the queue

    Spotting a friend squatting off side of hill at Falls. Next minute she's rolling down the main hill... Undies still around ankles.

    BDO, 40 degrees, moshing and lose friends who have my bag with phone, wallet, alcohol. I then fainted due to dehydration and was involuntarily crowd surfed to the back by strangers.

    A girl told me she saw 2 deaths over 2 years at MMF(vomit choke & overdose). That was pretty horrific, and a massive buzz-kill.

    Was waiting for PJ Harvey at the BDO for three hours in the front row. Needed to pee. Had to leave. Tragedy.

    Only being able to remember the first hour of BDO 1999 ... I have been assured it was a good day.

    After waiting with abated breath for Fat Boy Slim to play at GoodVibes 2009, he came on drunk and played unoriginal club mixes for 2 hours.

    Sydney BDO 1997, the horror of standing at the urinal - urinating - whilst a corpulent lass took similar STANDING position next to me, and proceeded to - URINATE. *shudder*

    By the time the light died, I looked upon the chaos I'd caused... i'd never been drunk before, and if the court wins not for another 30 years.

    First BDO: Had food poisoning. Ambulance gave me a spew bag when I asked for a blanket. The spew bag had measurement markers. Great times.

    Golden Plains.
    The winds, the rains.

    Volunteer shift.
    Dinosaur Jr. Missed.

    structural poles bent.
    stranger passed out ON tent.

    Find a way in and hide.
    stranger passed out inside.


    Seeing The Decemberists at BDO with a dude so high he thought he watching The Beatles. He even complimented their matching hair styles.

    a young boy goes to a music festival and is forced to listen to a nickelback set.

    there. scariest music festival story ever.

    Soundie and groupie undress backstage as band begin to play. Speaker drops, crushes soundie's head. Groupie screams, microphone forced down throat. 'Jason takes Splendour'

    The horror of the musicians losing their jobs to Julia Gillard.

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