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Got a witty caption for this The Sims 3: Medieval screenshot? Leave it in the comments below.


    Frst Will Wright now you MWHAHAHAHA

    "Yuppp, those novelty sized sprouts are going up there my boy"

    Well my neck is starting to hurt, but at least it's more fun that playing another Sims game... oh wait.

    "You see, with these buttock flap buttons, one can open the flap thustly to keep warm whilst one's bowels are opened."

    At midnight, the cabbage patch kids shall rise from their slumber, and you will be helpless against their ancient hunger!!!!

    How to torture a cabbage Fetishist.

    Guy In Mask: "Now, if anyone else thinks it's funny and clever to cosplay as Kenny Rogers, expect a similar punishment!"

    Guard: Roll up! Roll up! Only 3 pennies a go!!
    Prisoner: Well, bugger me!
    Guard: Yes, that's the plan actually....

    WAIT?! Whats the safe word?


      You are the winner in my eyes

      Clearly this is win.

    "Ghh art Hig, us mnt nongt mei, us Ig wilss whgff h vilwwand gjuu koo us deffk kkil!"

    [Translated for those that can't read Simlish!]

    "I know you can see me, you may not understand me, but I'm going to continue to beheading villagers until you remove this retched head rest from my face!"

    Sims 3: S+M addition

    How long do I have to bloody wait until you give me an axe?

    "Dammit Bill, what did I tell you about shining that lamp in my eyes while I'm trying to work!

    "She told me she was 16 but I could tell she was 22"

    "No! I'm still not going to eat those vegetables!"

    'The gimp' finally gets one-up on ye olde Zed.

      Another hilarious offering.
      I wonder if Marcellus wants in on the action?

    the big bang theory made the renaisance fair look much more fun

    "When fashion Police had REAL power"

    Obi-Wan: Anakin can't you see? Palpatine's cabbages are turning you to the Dark Side!

    "I'm going to need all those cabbages to get the taste out of my mouth..."

    "When do I get to be the executioner? I always have to go in the stocks!"

    Hahaha he doesn't suspect a thing. This prisoner disguise is perfect for pickpocketing........

    Now just a few more steps and i will beable to reach his purse!

    These Master Chef challenges are getting more ridiculous every week

    Wood. I've got it.

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