The Man With The Goldeneye Screens

Goldeneye Wii will be available in a limited edition bundle with a gold-coloured Classic Controller Pro. Activision has just confirmed Australia will be getting that bundle, too. So, here, have some new screenshots.

Goldeneye Wii will release "this Spring" in Australia. The Classic Controller bundle will retail for $119.95 RRP.


    i'm happy there'll be a new goldeneye out and all, but why would one pay full retail for a remake when most remakes come out at remake prices?

      It isn't a remake. It's a different game based on the same movie.

        Actually it's a different updated script from the same writer based off the script for the original movie put together purely to make it a more "Daniel Craigish" Bond scenario :D

    I’ll bet Activision are hating the fact that they decided to retcon Daniel Craig into this game, seeing as he’s about to get the boot as James Bond any day now.


      The next Bond film is in development hell due to the financial problems at MGM, but i haven't heard anything about Daniel Craig getting the boot. I call shenangans

        I don’t have a source, I’m just thinking about it logically. MGM is in dire financial straits. If someone decides to buy or merge with the entire studio then Craig will (probably) stay as Bond. But it’s looking more and more like the studio will go into bankruptcy. If that happens then another studio will buy up the bond rights and likely recast it with an actor that they have an exclusive 5 movie contract with. That way they don’t have to negotiate a new contract with Craig after his next two movies are done (that contract would probably cost them a huge amount). They would also guarantee to have created a new A-List star that is on their payroll.

        Even if MGM doesn’t go into bankruptcy, its stakeholders will probably pressure the studio into selling the rights to the bond films soon before the studio goes bust and they can still get a reasonable offer for it (the bond licence right now is apparently worth about 1.5 billion dollars) After that happens the new studio will likely reboot it.

        It all depends on what happens with MGM. But I’ll bet that the next bond movie will have a new star.

          I believe Spyglass Studios just bought MGM out...

    I really hope this bombs.

    Activision and Nintendo are really showing what money grubbing bastards they are with this.

    Rare had developed a XBLA and Wiiware version in house, but Nintendo got all butthurt over it being on XBLA as well.

      To be fair, Wii was only getting the N64 original on virtual console, 360 was getting the superior remake. Nintendo probably foresaw that they could get a better deal by consulting with the current owners of the 'licence-to-Bond' (hur hur); Craptivision, and getting their own exclusive remake. The original would earn Nintendo a fair amount of money really simply out of nostalgia, but an all-new exclusive could introduce newer gamers too who would otherwise find the N64 version outdated. Nintendo gets money - we get a "better" game (it will be a better game, if you can't beat a 12 year-old game you're doing something really bad. The only advantage the original has is the prejudice we have over the original due to nostalgia.

    I would rather see a golden gun that your wiimote slips into. Something like the HotD gun but more bond like. That would be great. :)

    I'll probably get this just for the controller.

    Sorry but, why the hell is Daniel Craig replacing Pierce Brosnan's Bond for this game? I thought Daniel Craig's Bond was a younger one. Ugh.

    I think the last screen might be from Inception.

    Ouch... a lot of hate for such a small post.

    Personally, I cant wait. But thats just me- I apologise for having nothing to bitch about when I know a Goldeneye rehash is just around the corner...

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