More Civ V Competition Entries

More Civ V Competition Entries

So just like yesterday, our inbox was full of surprise happiness today. And I’m thinking those of you who suggested a Photoshop competition in our feedback thread were on the money – because these are damn cool.

To win a copy of Civilization V, a CivAnon T-shirt, and CivAnon badge, all you have to do is Photoshop something that would normally be a different shape, like a cubicle or (as suggested in the comments) a toilet, into a hexagon. Because, let’s face it – when you’re playing Civilization V, you’re going to be seeing hexagons in the real world all over the place anyway.


More very strong contenders there! The competition ends this Monday night, so you have the weekend to try and beat the entries above. Competition details can be found on the main page. Good luck!


  • Haha wow… I didn’t see yesterday’s posted entries until today and I have to say, I’m quite suprised.

    Usually I have a few ideas before I pick one and send it in but amazingly all 4 of my ideas have already been done and posted in a way better than I could have ever done. Kudos to you guys πŸ™‚

    So while about to give up on the comp I came up with an idea that hasn’t be done yet. So hopefully no one else takes it cause it’s been a while since I’ve entered a Kotaku Comp. I just love these photoshop competitions <3 (even though I don't have photoshop)

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