WIN! Copy Of Civilization V, Free Session At Civilization Anonymous

Who wants a copy of Civilization V? And some Civ gear? You mentioned a photoshop competition in our Kotaku meeting, and here's your first one.

We have 5 Civilization V games to give away, along with 5 CivAnon shirts and badges. This really is the full package - get addicted, lose your job, hit rock bottom, then attend the Civilization Players Anonymous meetings and have the gear to go along with it.

So what do you have to do to win?

Civilization V is released this week, and one if its big changes is the move from square tiles to hexagonal. It greatly affects movement, and works in tandem with another change, only having one military unit per tile, to put more emphasis on positioning. What you put in your tiles on the front line of battle is more important, as those tiles can now be invaded from six directions as opposed to eight, and ranged units can fire across tiles.

We're looking for images of everyday things that are a certain shape, Photoshopped into something hexagonal. Sound confusing? Take a cubicle for example - something that would usually be square. Give it six sides through the magic of Photoshop, and that's a good entry. Simple enough?

Email your entry to the usual address. Competition doors close on the night of the 27th.

Entries will be judged on creativity and Photoshop skill. And as usual, humour is a good thing too. Good luck!

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    When do entries close? (very sorry if it says that already)

    Not fair! I can't enter cos I have no Photoshop skill.

    "Email your entry to the usual address. Competition doors close on the night of the 27th."

    If i had the money to buy photoshop id have already bought civ 5 haha.

      GIMP is your (free) friend.

    Nothing springs to mind... This is going to be one of those things where I get the perfect idea 2 years from now whilst on the toilet.

      Haha, yeah.
      The way I figure it though, is that if it's a genius toilet idea, I can boost the occurrence of my bowel movements by consuming laxatives, thus significantly multiplying the chances of conceiving an idea on the loo.
      It is flawless!

        Why stop there?

        Take out the cistern and replace it with a desktop - you save water and increase productivity!

          or you could just make the toilet bowl hexagonal

      Should probably go to the toilet earlier.

      Why not make a hexagonal loo?

    My hopes for a good competition are dashed once again.

    How many GG Hex Steph pics are there going to be?

    Bleh whos idea was it for photoshop comps? Narrows down the interested audience immensely :|

    What is the email address?
    whenever i click the link it opens Microsoft outlook, i don't use this program.

    Thanks in advance.

    "...six directions as opposed to four."

    I... I can't even look at you right now. How could you say that about my precious Civ? Eight directions, damn you Junglist, it was eight!

    *runs off crying*

      You sir, are correct! And to think I felt so superior when I corrected someone the other day who thought a hexagon had 8 sides... :P

    Do we have to fill in any forms with our details or will they just replay to the Email?
    Can we enter multiple times?

    Just sent in my entry, fantastic competition idea :D
    Good luck to everyone who enters!

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