• Some Of The Most Ridiculously Random Cards In Collectible Card Games

    There are a lot of collectible card games coming out lately. Magic is still going strong, Hearthstone is huge, Bethesda brought out Legends, Gwent is lots of fun, and more (DOTA 2!) are on the way. But many of these games seem intent on mimicking Hearthstone’s spectacle-targetting randomness. Let’s poke fun at a few of…

  • Hands On: Gigabyte Aero 15 Gaming Laptop

    Gigabyte announced its new gaming laptop last week, the Aero 15, and it’ll start gracing the shelves in tech stores around Australia soon. It’s a 1060-packing warrior that boasts VR capability and a super light frame, and we got our grubby mitts on it.