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    Fresh TAY on a Wednesday?

      I'm sure @Junglist didn't mean to do confuse us. :) He's trying his best!

        hmm tag didn't work. does it not like caps, or is his different? Test: @junglist

          mm apparently case sensitive!

            You'd think it wouldn't be, considering the tags can only be lowercase.

              yer seems a bit odd that it wouldn't just convert it to lower if they can only be that way

                I didn't realise your post was from a week ago when I replied, by the way. Sorry about that!

                  lol all good. slow TAY is weird like that sometimes ;)

      Surely it's Tuesday?

      Round planets are hard. :(

        You confused me further for a moment there

          I apologise for that.

            That's my line D=

              Oh. I'm sorry.


                No, I'm sorry!

                  O Canada!
                  Our home and native land!
                  True patriot love in all thy sons command.

                  With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
                  The True North strong and free!

                  From far and wide,
                  O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

                  God keep our land glorious and free!
                  O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
                  O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

        Tuesday for me, Wednesday for you guys? I think?

        Timezones, how do they work

          Yes. We're 17 hours ahead of you. You'll be heading into Wednesday just as we're leaving work (us 9-5ers anyway...).

          Timezones are MAGIC.

    I'm so confused /o\

      This is like the time I had a after dinner mint before breakfast.

      Five Internet dollars to anyone who can guess where that old joke comes from.


        I have had after dinner mints for breakfast before.

        I'm an adult

          I sometimes have "breakfast cereal" in the evening... :)

            Oh man, i miss breakfast cereal. I eat museli exclusively, because I suffer a bit of IBS

    2011 Macbook Pro had a graphics issue. Called Apple support. "Oh, this issue was covered by a recall/repair but unfortunately that program ended on 31 December 2016"

    Oh. :(

    "Was your Macbook working until that point?"

    "Yes, brilliantly. No issues at all"

    "Well there's no reason you'd have heard about the program then. We'll issue a one-time exemption and cover the repair."


    So my 5.5 year old laptop is getting repaired gratis. :-o I was not expecting that at all.

    Given that a couple of years ago they did the same thing when my iphone 5's battery went funky, and fixed it on an expired recall years after the thing went out of warranty, I'm really very happy with Apple right now. :-D

      Good to see yours worked out. Two years ago I had to take mine back for that exact issue.

      But there is the thing; Apple didn't not have such a program nor acknowledged there was a problem so I think the support person on the phone was outright lying to you.

      But back to the topic at hand, what issues did you have?

      Mine was caused by heat where the display would work but after some heavy use it completely freeze up and the image would be look like one would view on a dirty LCD.

        They've refunded repair costs for people who paid for a repair before they did the recall.

          Ah, so they finally did.

          Also, sorry, I had the year wrong; it was actually three years go in the final months of my AppleCare on the MacBook Pro.

          But at the time, Apple still were not admitting there was a fault so it looks like after I had mine repaired they finally did.

            So you at least had it fixed under AppleCare?

              Sorry about the late response; yes, mine was repaired under AppleCare.

              At the time, my laptop was outside the statutory 24 months.

              Who would have thought it? I actually needed my AppleCare coverage while today many are being talked out of it as most of its coverage is already a given under the Australian Consumer law.

                Fair enough.

                According to the shop, logic board replacement is $850. So I'm pretty happy they covered it on a 5.5 year laptop that's had a hard life...

        Didn't actually answer your question - yeah it froze up. Not after particularly heavy use. Tried to restart (hard off...) and the boot apple was all funky for a few secs then a blank white screen...

        It came back the next day, thought it might be intermittent. Used it for two more days then the freeze recurred and it hasn't worked since.

      You managed to luck out. Most of my dealings with Apple hardware issues have been very much the opposite tenor.

        Maybe so. I just remember my Blackbook (early Intel Macbook) had a battery replaced under a recall too.

        Maybe I'm just AWESOME? I'm going with that.

          I grew up with Macintosh (first computer I ever touched was a Mac Plus in 1986) and my Dad used them for a long time, as well as myself once I was making an income. They make great hardware but I had a lot of problems over time which Apple refused or were unable to rectify. Also misleading about certain stuff. Haven't had good experiences with them overall which is why I don't use them any more. I think the last straw for me was standing around in one of their stores for over an hour having multiple people refuse to talk to me because they were "with a customer" when I was trying to pick up my macbook after a repair to fix a hard drive failure. That and the fact you're paying a massive, massive premium for hardware that isn't remotely up to snuff any more. You have to drop ridiculous amounts of money on Macbook Pro to get one that even has a dedicated GPU, and even then you're getting a shitty AMD GPU that's barely on par with the Nvidia 960M - for the same money I could grab a Windows-based one with a 1070 or 1080 in it that's just as well built and portable. And it would have proper function keys and not be covered in ports that no one actually uses yet and requires converter dongles to even use with simple things like a mouse.

      Get it fixed and sell it asap. It'll most likely happen again. This is an extremely common issue with the 2011 Pro's. Louis Rossman who has a YouTube channel where he repairs MacBooks some how got talking about the 2011 Pro's in one of his repair videos and his advice was to get it fixed by Apple and sell it & then get something else, because it will happen again. He had a customer who had one fixed by Apple 3 times for the exact same issue. A real joke if you ask me.

        Yeah. If I do I'll put the original 750GB spinny platter back in and keep the SSD I put in last year though. Not sure what I'd get for it though. Lots of people asking a grand for them but I doubt they're getting that - reckon nearer 700. Still, I've got the box...

        Still, nearly 6 years out of it. Can't really complain.

          If you still have the box + all accessories, you could easily get a grand I reckon, because people love Apple boxes and the original accessories. It's why I haven't used the earpods or lightning cable that came with my iPhone 6S, for pure resale value lol. Also speaking of MacBooks, I got $200 for my dead 2007 white polycarb shell MacBook on eBay with all accessories & it was 8 years old at the time too.

      Took it in Thursday. Got a text on Friday arvo saying it's ready. :) Woohoo!

    hey @mrtaco, you are a music-type person, do you think this is an acceptable keyboard for a small person to do piano practice?

      Obviously I'm not mr taco, but it looks pretty decent to me. Couldn't see a price for some reason, so I guess that might influence opinion.
      The only other thing I could suggest as a good starter for kids, is that there's some keyboards out there which actually have light up keys to show you which ones to press. Very helpful for beginners, but not sure of prices or particular models which have it off the top of my head.

        Batboy just started lessons (which he loves) so he's going to need something to practice on. Just had a chat with the lady and she's happy to get $180, which seems fair to me, given that she's throwing in the stand and books.

        The only recommendation the tutors gave was to get a keyboard with weighted or semi-weighted keys, so that it feels like the piano.

          That should probably be sufficient for starting out, and is a pretty good deal to be getting the stand and books there too. From a quick look around I'm not sure you'd be able to get anything with weighted keys without going up a price bracket, but at least this one has touch-sensitive keys so it's probably not too bad.

          But uh... I'm not entirely sure about stuff so I'll tag @blaghman and maybe he'll know better :P


            I'm pretty much in agreement with Gookster, my two biggest issues are the size (61 keys is smaller than I'd like) and maximum polyphony. This said, the former makes the latter less important, and from memory you were looking for something fairly small for space reasons, and in most cases you can work around the key limit (or it isn't relevant for the greater majority of beginner stuff).

            So, to my untrained eye, should be good for what you want.


              I figured it was worth getting for the stand and the books thrown in, so we picked it up this afternoon. We can always upgrade if he needs it.

          that is a pretty good price considering what's on offer!

    So, just when it felt like @tech_knight and I were getting somewhere with Pulsefire Ezreal, Riot has decided to update and change his design.
    Good news. The armour is pretty much the same which is super handy for us. The vest, pouches and belts are also unchanged.
    Bad news. The arms which have caused me a lot of headaches, have changed. Hopefully, they haven't changed too much

    Looking at running a Pathfinder game within the next week. My group have played through an introductory session and are all fresh. I'm stretched for time between now and then, and was thinking of wrangling up a handful each of NPCs, enemies, lore, and small events, then letting setting the players free in the big wide world to interact with as they please.

    I haven't run this kind of free-form session before, as I'm still new to GMing, so does anyone have any general advice or for factors like setup and maintaining flow?

      Generic NPCs for allies/enemies. When I ran those kind of free-form sessions, I'd have a handful of these NPCs, each over a few levels. Example:
      Human Guard
      Level/HP/AC (FF)/F/R/W/Percerption/Attack
      War1/9/14 (10)/3/0/0/2/Shortspear +2 (1d8+1)
      War2/14/14 (10)/4/0/0/3/Shortspear +3 (1d8+1)
      War3/20/14 (10)/4/1/2/4/Shortspear +4 (1d8+1)
      War4/25/16 (10)/5/1/2/5/Shortspear +5 (1d8+1)
      War5/31/16 (10)/5/1/2/6/Shortspear +6 (1d8+1)

      And with something like that, you can tweak them on the go. Describe a patrol a couple of hours out of the city, lead by an older sergeant (War4, change weapon to a longsword) and four younger guards (all War1, give the PCs perception checks to see just how green they are - they might run when faced with overwhelming odds). Or use them to describe the garrison at a Dwarven guardpost - give them all +1 hp per level, reduce AC by 1, increase fort by 1, reduce ref by 1, change weapons to maces, warhammers or DWA.
      Biggest tip on free-form sessions has to be "keep the game going" - especially if your players aren't massive rules-lawyers. Be prepared to say "I don't see why not", tell them to make a skill check and describe what happens when they pass/fail.

    Australian fiction publishing is a disaster. I find myself confronted with accepting a twenty dollar one off for short fiction even though magazine writers getting a cent a word would get four times that for the same short story. Or I can cough up a twenty five dollar entry fee for the possibility I win a competition that gets me published or produce a frikin fifty thousand word novel when I write 800 word short fiction. Or I can just send my Fiction in PDF to the state library.
    Its disgusting.

    title: hero of the people

    Little more than human ghouls, they emerged from their nest on dark of night, moving silently through the alleys and over rooftops and walls, content to feed on the populace.

    Zweis Radu watched the predators from the safety of his pleasure barge in Specularum Harbour, staring at the scrying mirror.
    "Zweis," her whining voice drew him back from the darker entertainments he had discovered to ones that fed her needs. "I want more dates."
    Zweis dropped a cloth over the mirror and turned his attention to his lover for the evening.
    "What happened to the dates?" Helena held the large empty bowl out before Zweis with a pout until he relented and tugged twice at the bell-pull summoning a servant. "Another bowl of Ylari dates."
    Zweis watched the servant depart and snatched up a Candied fruit.
    "While we wait on the dates," Zweis slid between her thighs intent on tasting her forbidden fruits. "Perhaps we can discuss what your Uncle Tiza is doing for the King these days."

    The predator grabbed her from behind, dragging her back into the dark alley with a squeal of distress that ended with her throat ripped out, its teeth locking around her juglar and crushing and tearing until her distress became silence.
    It dragged the food across its shouders and retreated further into the darkness.

    Zweis Radu looked at his naked paramour and considered her prospects. She was Lord Valdo Tiza's neice. He could and would use her to loiter around her Uncle's office making herself increasingly useful to the old fellow and ply her with candied fruit, Ylari dates, and the more pleasant aspects of his personality. As to the darker aspects of his personality. His manly appendage hard, Zweis smiled and returned to his mirror of Scrying to search for the nest.

    They took turns brutalizing the living and then fed apon the dead.

    Zweis covered the mirror, and sampling the Shire Brandy, returned to bed. The one thing Zweis knew was he was not so far gone as to indulge in that kind of insanity. They did however pose a threat. And their destruction would be good for the Radu family name.

    "Good morning my flower." Zweis smacked the pale buttock attatched to a naked body asleep on his bed leaving a hand print and eliciting a painful groan. "Time to go visit your Uncle Tiza and make yourself useful."
    "But first," Zweis pulled the bell and a servant appeared. "Breakfast for two."
    "One." It was Cartha. "Anton wants a word."

    "Nothing?" The old man looked about his proginy until it became uncomfortable. "The Duke infiltrates the Veiled Society...and you have nothing."
    "Perhaps if we took..." Anton cut Antonio Radu off. "Were you going to suggest that we could find the Duke's operative if we took the masks off?"
    "This is the Veiled Society," Antonio looked down. "This is not a Masked Ball hosted by the fucking Torenescu!"
    "Now..." Anton leaned back in his seat. "Rumor has it that last night the Iron Ring snatched half a handful of Traladarans from the Nest."
    "Zweis!" Zweis Radu looked up. "I put you in charge of investigating the Iron Ring. Have you learned anything useful?"
    "They were not taken by the Iron Ring," Zweis cleared his throat. "They were snatched by Ghouls."
    "Undead?" Cartha choked on the chicken he was eating. "In Specularum?"
    "No...not undead," Zweis waved his hands in the air. " like animals and snatching people as food...or worse."
    "Idiots like the Miller's boy we killed?" Zweis mouthed the word 'worse!' to Cartha. "Fuck me!"
    "I've identified the nest." Anton nodded. "Its in the old cellars of the Blue Water Mead-hall."
    "All right." Anton had decided. "We will buy up the Blue Water Mead-hall and eliminate the Problem."
    "Actually," Zweis Radu stared at Cartha who was nodding in agreement with the old man. "I was thinking we should inform Minister Valdo Tiza that we tracked them to their nest."
    "No," Anton crushed Zweis' plan to ingratiate himself with Minister Tiza. "You, Cartha, and Antonio will personally eliminate the nest."

    "We go in through the front doors." Zweis watched Cartha force the doors with his boot while smiling at Antonio. "This is how real men do it."
    "Now," Cartha stepped into the dark hall and pulled his sword. "Which of you has the torches?"
    "" Cartha's sword became a burning torch lighting the room. "Thats how smart men do it."
    "Cartha," Zweis surveyed the web filled room as he struck up a fire and lit an actual torch. "Spider."
    "Where?" Cartha drove his sword upward without even bothering to look and stabbed a giant spider in the web above him. "Oops."
    "There is a door at the back." Zweis lifted his burning torch higher igniting the web before Cartha could move. No more spiders. "Alright we're clear."
    "Previous meal?" Antonio kicked a pile of bones and rags revealing a leather bound book which he bent to pick up. "What have we here?"
    "Examine it later Antonio," Zweis followed Cartha toward the back as Antonio stuffed his prize into his backpack. "We still have predators in the cellar to deal with."
    "Stairs down!" Cartha examined the stone stairs. It was much older than the plaster walled Mead hall. "Interesting."
    "Stay close with the torch Zweis." Cartha descended slowly taking his magical light with him." When this spell fails we will be in the dark."
    "Cartha!" Cartha swung the sword through the man-sized creature that seemed to come from nowhere slicing it from groin to head with terrible efficiency. "Thats one."
    "Zweis," Cartha rolled the naked corpse revealing what had once been a man. "How many ghouls did you say there were?"
    "About a Thyatian handful." Zweis had reached the bottom of the stairs. " five remaining."
    "Antonio!" Antonio appeared at the top of the Stairs. "Stay close. This is going to get ugly real quick."
    "Zweis!" Zweis turned to watch as two ghouls tackled Cartha, the large warrior impaling one on his sword only to be crushed under the weight as the second bit down on his ear. "My bloody ear!"
    "I'm coming." Zweis Radu pulled his dagger and drove the blade through the Ghoul's spine until it died. "Antonio!"
    "Cartha," Zweis dragged the corpses off the warrior to reveal a man who had gone down hard. "Are you alive?"
    "Yes," Cartha struggled to his feet and placed a rag against the wound. "My ear is killing me."
    "Thats because this bastard..." Zweis pried the prize from between the ghoul's teeth and held it up to Cartha. "...had in his teeth."
    "Is that your ear?" Antonio had caught up. "What in Halav's name happened?"
    "Tell you later." Zweis listened. There was something ahead. "Are you ready for round three?"
    "Lets get it done." Cartha entered the chamber to discover a pit of chewed-on corpses in the midst of which a pair of large ghouls were feeding. "Looks like this is it."
    "Come and get some you bastards!" Cartha gripped his sword leaving an opening large enough to be filled by a ghoul.
    "Come on!" Cartha smiled as the ghouls snarled like savage animals and rushed him, his sword dancing in the open chamber beheading both. "That it?"
    "Another door." Zweis looked around. It had been an old temple. "Room's empty but there is a tunnel."
    "Where does it go?" Zweis followed it. "Zweis?"
    "I'm here." Zweis returned. "It exits into an alley way fifty feet up disguised as a postern."
    "What now?" Antonio was feeling ill at the sight of corpses. Zweis looked at Cartha holding a cloth to his ear. "We visit Patriarch Alexi and get Cartha's ear healed."
    "All right," Cartha slipped past Zweis and headed for the postern. "Lets see this alley of yours."

    She lay curled against Zweis Radu, and placed another Ylari date in his mouth.
    "Its all over the city," Zweis Radu chewed slowly pausing to kiss the small of her neck. "How Zweis and Cartha Radu put down a nest of Ghouls that had been preying on the populace."
    "Uncle Tiza was shocked when they came into his office talking about it." She passed him another date. "My Zweis, a hero of the people."
    "Hero of the people?" Zweis licked her neck. "Why...that's terrible."
    "Everyone will expect me to marry." She looked at him as though he were about to propose. "They'll find me some well-to-do spinster from a fine rich family and I'll have to settle down and I'll never get to see you again."
    "You could marry me." Zweis smiled at her suggestion. It could never happen. " Zweis...?"
    "I'll think about it." Zweis searched the bowl for a date and found it empty. "Fetch some more dates will you my Lady Esmarelda Radu?"
    "Lady Radu?" Esmarelda Tiza smiled as she got to her feet and walked naked out to the kitchen to fetch her lord his dates. "Lady Radu."
    It was quick. The powerful muscles of the unseen ghoul grabbed her from behind snapping her neck as she retreaved a handful of dates for the bowl but they dropped from her hand, scattering across the floor. The monster slung her naked form over its shoulder and moved carefully out onto the deck of the Pleasure Barge.
    "Lady Radu?" Cartha dropped her body over the side. "I think not."

    Hallo! What'd I miss?

      Given where you've been, I think it's more a case of what'd WE miss? ;)
      Only really significant things I can think of that might warrant being "missed" while you were gone, was this weekends quake champions beta (all champions were unlocked this weekend) and the release of Prey.

        Yeah, I haven't been able to play that yet. I got a key when it first kicked off, but could never maintain a connection to a server.

          ah damn. I've had no issues with staying connected so far. My ping has always been pretty decent too considering you can't pick a region yet. Always been between 20-30ms.
          Hope it works better for you next round! It's pretty great!

          Oh, also, question I was gonna ask the other day, but didn't want to disturb your holiday...
          Why, when you click "Mark All As Read" in your notifications area, does it take you to your profile page with a list of posts? That's really annoying! Can't it just clear the messages and leave you on the page you're on?

            Reason why I ask, is I tend to middle click the notifications to open the post in a new tab so I can keep reading whatever I'm on. Then I click it thinking it'll clear the notifications and minimize the expanded bit, but it takes me to that page.

      Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    Can the Switch go into sleep mode like my 3DS? So if i play 20 minutes on the tram in the morning i can just close and resume later?

    Just asking again, who's considering going to pax and pax meat?
    And do we want food?

    I usually don't share sources (and even try to avoid anything News Media for that matter), but I think in this case I should make an exception.

    Short story, a brand of cat food often sold via Pet Barn has been recalled. Details are vague but there are claims the stuff is making cats sick. Not sold on the dying part but it never hurts to be cautious.

    My mum and I are regulars there and have been feeding our new cat this food for over two or three years. He seems to be find but I'm seriously thinking of taking him in for blood tests to be safe.

    But I will share what I've seen. For the past few weeks, I have been concerned about the quality of the product. The meat doesn't look right and a third of the can seems to be water.

    Basically, I'm going around to make sure I have no cans left. I only put the family cat of 21 years down five years ago; I rather not have to do same so soon if some of the claims are true.

      EDIT: Forgot to mention that the brand is Best Feline Friend (BFF).

      Replying to myself so I don't get caught in the moderation trap.

      Smells like a class action suit, unfortunately. :(

        The manufacturer is being very tight lipped on the problem; most likely to prevent class actions.

      There was an announcement on the news about it. If you're regulars at Pet Barn, I would suggest asking them what they think your cat should eat. If they know you, they'll try to help you, rather than rip you off.

        I was in the middle of a work task thus I apologise that my original post showed clear signs of being rushed.

        To keep it short (still), the first we hear about this was from a text message my mum received on Friday evening from Pet Barn tell us to stop feeding our pet that food and return any remaining cans for a refund.

        And Pet Barn have been good to us in the few years we have been visiting them but when it came to changing our pets food we simply went for Royal Canin wet food. Our cat already loves the dry stuff and seems to like the wet stuff as well.

        Back to the topic at hand though.

        We have talked to the staff as well about the recall and they have no idea what the problem is either. The manufacturer is simply being tight lipped and is simply performing a mass recall of certain products.

        They are not even specifying a date nor patch number which can only mean the manufacturer is trying to avoid class action my making it very difficult (or even impossible) to attribute sick (and allegedly, dead) pets as an outcome of their products.

          Sorry if I came across rude. I really like Pet barn and my dog gets bathed there every month. They are a little pricey (no more then other pet stores), but I don't mind because of the service I get.
          I'm glad they let you know that your cat was at risk. The manufacturer appears to be covering their arses, but hopefully there is an investigation

      Disgusting that this sort of thing has happened. I'm also disappointed in PetBarn with one of their updates on it the other night was along the lines of

      The initial results of the limited batch of products tested to date have been reviewed by independent toxicologist and initial results indicate no issues that would cause concern

      Which imo is a pretty shitty response to something that is a nationwide recall. Even though they still advise everyone return the product to their nearest petbarn for a refund or exchange for another brand.

      This is why I switched to feeding our cats things like lamb/ox heart or chicken livers or whatever meat from the supermarket butcher was on clearance, but they also get dry food which they're hooked on, I swear it's like crack for them lol. We also found the majority of the tinned food available had such a low protein count (usually less than 10%), the cats were hungry an hour later which is just not right, and explains why a lot of the tins (the 400g ones) state a tin a day for a cat plus dry food, which is a good way to make your cat obese and give it other health problems. Saying that the Coles brand tuna has a protein count of 19% which is great and they actually like that so if they have tinned food they have that one lol.

        Just as a note, you shouldn't feed cats liver except in very small amounts as a treat. It's very high in Vitamin A which can build up in their liver and cause toxicity very easily. It can also give them the runs.

        Our old cat (that lasted to 19 years old) used to get fed raw meat roughtly every second evening, and the vacuum-sealed packet stuff, just the bog standard supermarket food but she liked it. Dry food was only very occasional as a supplement to everything else.

          Eh, if it knocks one of these 2 off it knocks one of them off. Since one is pushing 20 & the other somewhere between 15 & 17 lol.

            Yeah but cat diarrhea is fucking horrible to clean up.

              Neither have that problem. Not that they get liver tbh. They always prefer hearts, whether its ox, lamb or chicken.

      Awful. :(

      We nearly lost one of ours last year to a similar set of symptoms.

      CHOICE had a good review of cat foods.

      Although 2 of our 3 cats are on prescription diets (one 'coz he's old, the other from the illness last year) - we bulk order through Pet Stock and they deliver.

    Ugh. Still looking around at Wireless Access Points & new VDSL modems. I'm pretty sure i've settled on a Ubiquiti AC Lite for an access point. Since it's power over ethernet and they come highly recommended from the likes of LinusTechTips & other tech reviewers, given they're simple to set up and look elegant in a household environment.

    Buuuut i'm not sure what modem to get. I want something that incorporates the filter in it so I can plug phoen into it line like the Telstra modem I have (since I still use the landline) but I want it to have 4 LAN ports (this modem only has 2 wtf?!). It seems this is harder to find than I thought. I thought I found a decent Linksys one, but turned out it only had line in..

      I have one of their ADSL efforts (Archer D7). OK, no filter, but it's the modem/router/wifi all in one. Pretty happy, and a few others I know also have the same one. Good range, nice web portal.

        Shame none of the good ones have a phone out port.. Cause only having 2 LAN ports is a problem, I have a WAN port but I don't think i'm gonna be able to use that for a Wireless Access Point, right?

          The WAN port is actually a WAN/LAN (choose in the gui...).

          I'm a little confused as to why you need a WAP, rather than (or as well as) a router with wifi?

            ...maybe it isn't a WAN/LAN dual port on this one, but 4 LAN ports and gigabit wireless should be enough? I've got an unmanaged gig switch too. You'll still need a filter for the phone out but those are plentiful.

            Maybe I just need more info as to your requirements and constraints... :D

              Well this is what my current modem looks like


              I guess I want a VoIP modem, but nothing seems to have the other features I want lol.

                Oh, ok.

                How big's the area you need covered by wifi?

                Is the existing phone point far from the centre of the flat/house/mansion/estate?

                My setup is - phone line -> filter -> phone
                -> TP Link modem/router/wifi

                Wired network ports - one to server, one to PS4, one to gaming PC, one to a gig switch. The switch connects the spare PS4, both PS3s, 2 TVs, foxtel, bluray... (I did get some ethernet run round the house by a sparky...)

                Wifi network - 5GHz for personal stuff (mine and wife's phone, laptops, whatever)
                -2.4GHz for old kit that can't see the 5GHz
                - Guest network (keep your filthy virus infected Windows XP laptop off my network!

                So for the sake of a cheapo filter (they're $5-$15... they come in the box anyway with many modem/routers!) it sounds like you're making your home network way more complex than it needs to be. Unless there's a good reason to have a ceiling mounted dedicated WAP, I'd avoid like the plague and just get an all-in-one...

       why wouldn't that work? What am I not understanding? :)

                  Well it turns out this Gateway modem supplied by Telstra has the most pathetic WiFi, my Chromecast which is maybe 5 metres LoS (sure it has to travel through 2 walls the signal) but drops its connection all the time now, dads iPad is the same, and this is all on the 2.4GHz network which should penetrate better than the 5GHz network. Where as my phone is always on and only loses signal in the rear of the house which is maybe 8 metres in a straight line from the modem. My previous modem was a Netgear something and it covered the entire house, front yard & backyard fine, and we're on a quarter of an acre.

                  I'd like to have the modem in another spot, but sadly the stupid phone jack is in the dining/kitchen which is in the top left corner of the house and the bedrooms are sort of in the opposite corners. I'll probably end up doing that and getting another modem, and a filter. But I do like how my current modem logs all the calls, I find that handy when those scammers call :P


                  Aha, it's making sense now and your original plan is clear. . :)

                  Cut holes in all the walls to allow the signal through. ;)

                  Or, get the WAP you're thinking of, and just run it from the existing router (turning off the existing wifi network...) If you need a switch to have a few extra ports, get one... Seems like the simplest solution?

                  Yeah i'm thinking that, because turns out any modem with VoIP capabilities probably won't work unless I can get the settings from telstra and I haven't looked into that yet. But I should probably also get a new modem cause I remembered the LAN ports on this are only 10/100 not gigabit, it's 2017 ffs, everything should be gigabit..

                  But i'll probably go for something like that honestly. I also might go tell telstra that their modem is shit and can even cover a small house & see what they'll do.

                  Also cheers for helping out & figuring out my confusing as fuck solution :D


                  Might not matter if the gateway is 100Mb - if you leave that as your gateway, then ethernet to a wifi/router with 4 ports gig ethernet and build your home network off that - that way the only traffic going to the gateway is internet traffic, and unless you're getting over 100Mb on your VDSL plan, it doesn't matter that that one component is 100Mb. Basically, relegate the gateway device to just a modem and VOIP, and do everything else through a router (that you can then locate conveniently). Path of least resistance... :D

                  Your idea of going back to Telstra and seeing if you can get a newer version of their supplied device is also excellent! Worth a try.

                  I'm just chucking out plausible layouts - this is kind of what I do for a living so it's second nature to work this stuff out. I did enjoy your PC build chats too.

                  Yeah that was my other thought, just get a gigabit router since there's some really good options for only a few hundred out there. Like if I could get an Apple Airport Extreme or Time Capsule for a reasonable price that would be in my top 5 choices.

                  There's no way my line will ever exceed 100mbps, even though I get close to max speed now lol.

                  I feel like they should be supplying something that works, and I might investigate what the ACCC/Fair Trading say first before I go and see them though, to see if I have any rights for this kind of thing.

                  S'all good. Networking was never my strong point when I did IT. I was (well still am) into hardware & building and even modding to a small extent. I have plans for a new NAS this year too, found what I hope is the perfect case lol. Also am thinking of building a mid range Ryzen computer for fun. Since it's tax time next month :D

                  Airport has very limited management options. Unless you're a big Apple household, avoid. (We are a big Apple household, and I still retired the Airport and got the Archer D7 instead...).

                  If you want the shared storage of a Time Capsule, many of the routers these days have a USB port and you can add a hard disk that way. :)

                  I would only consider an airport if I could pick one up real cheap tbh, since there's plenty of other options out there that do the same for like three quarters the price of it and work across all devices with ease lol. Not a heavy Apple house hold, but still have a decent share of Apple shit. But probably not enough to make good use of one in all honesty.

        TP-Link have the AC750 which has phone ports. Not sure about the filter though.

          Yep. Really like their kit - the web portal has an easy mode that really is, and one click away is advanced features that opens up all the useful options for gaming or home office. My AC1750 is hiding in an alcove under a printer in our dining room (textbook setup! ;) ), and covers the house and garden. :)

          I was looking at that. It'll all work fine, as long as I can get the right settings off Telstra to make the phone work. The only downside to that one is the wifi is a bit meh, only 433mbps on 5GHz. Not that it greatly matters, but for something that retails for around $120 it's waaaaaaaay better than the POS Telstra gave me which they want $164 for...

      Also - PoE? You have a PoE switch, or use an injector?

        They come with an injector, so it doesn't really matter I figured.

          OK - injecting is easy. :) If you need to.

            Yeah, it's straight forward. I wouldn't expect many consumer grade (at least at the cheap end) to have PoE as a feature.

              I have a Netgear 8 port unmanaged gig switch with 4 of the ports doing PoE. It's handy for testing WAPs... :) But yeah, if you're just running one, injector's the way to go.

                I honestly wouldn't mind a switch since I would like to run the PS3, PS4, Xbone & Steam link off ethernet, but if I have the AP directly above them, then it would be fine so it would be irrelevant. But that still doesn't solve my issue of only 2 LAN ports on this dumb modem lol.

    I'll never unhear that Alestorms Magnetic North is done in the same time/beat to Telephone by Lady Gaga and that they sync up perfectly. Also that is rather genius I must admit.

    Ah, so this is where all the cool kids went. Thought the other TAY was oddly empty... :P

      All the cool kids, bar one. But you're here now. :)

    I just went out with a mate for dinner. Went to my mates bar Eddies Grub House I keep forgetting how good the burgers are there. Since I get to go so infrequently. Also had the onion rings there for the first time, so good. I also got to finally try Balter XPA on tap. It's good in the can, but much preferred it on tap. Now to see if they'll get Fixation IPA or Pirate Life IPA on tap.

    Knocked off the current event in Kantai Collection over the weekend. Resources were running low so rather than try and farm the last map for a chance at Roma (my white whale... :( ) I decided to just clear the map and get the reward (Russian Battleship Gangut). Also managed to get all but one of the newly added ships for the event on my way through, so I only need to go back and farm for Shimushu. Got Harukaze while clearing as well, so even if I miss out on Shimushu, the number of gaps in my collection isn't going to go up. Overall the event was pretty easy though I did clear it mainly on easy difficulty. I'll probably continue playing it off and on a bit, I really need to level up some destroyers for next time as I was once again feeling the lack of a few of them. Next event will apparently be "large scale" so need to stockpile as well.

    Also finally gotten stuck into Nier. Got the A ending over the weekend and began my way into the second playthrough. Not a fan of the way the quests seem to repeat, but at least you retain your levels and gear. I'm assuming that the game needs multiple playthroughs just like Taro's other works, but honestly I felt like the A ending was pretty decent and almost didn't bother starting over. Either way I think it will be my next major focus.

    Which kind of brings me to a bit of a dilemma. I have a bunch of games on my backlog that I really want to spend time with, but they're all huge:
    - I haven't started Prey yet
    - I haven't touched Persona 5 yet
    - Trails of Cold Steel still sitting at about 80% finished, need to polish it off
    - Trails of Cold Steel II and Trails in the Sky SC & 3rd both waiting for me :(
    - I feel like I should give Breath of the Wild another shake at some point
    - I still have Bravely Second, Fire Emblem Fates, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Xenoblade X to play before I can retire their platforms
    - Farpoint, Rime, Fire Emblem Echoes and Utawarerumono are out this month
    - The rest of the year there's a bunch of games I want to play - Tokyo Xanadu, Ys VIII, Shadow of Mordor Sequel, Assassin's Creed Egypt, maybe Destiny 2, new Call of Duty because WW2 again, the Uncharted 4 expansion thing, Danganronpa 3, South Park...
    - There's also a bunch of stuff that doesn't have dates yet which I expect to get details for next month at E3, including Red Dead Redemption 2 and Ace Combat 7. And if Xenoblade 2 comes out in English this year I'll be dropping everything for that too.

    Really need to start being much more disciplined with both my game playing and game spending to try and knock some of this stuff out.

    Sid broke his tie I bought him. I'm a bit peeved. Now I need to find him a new one. D=

      How do you break a tie? Is it a strap on?

        It was a tie for a dog, so he accidentally stepped on it and ripped the cotton that was keeping it on the strap. It came undone.

          Here I was thinking someone broke a neck tie. Though maybe that makes for a stranger story ;)

            Sorry. Most people know Sid is a dog, so I forget to clarify sometimes. Mind you, a dog could probably be the only person to properly break a neck tie

    Oh wow. LinusTechTips broke 4 million subs today. I remember when they were barely half a million. That's when I thought Linus was some weird sounding gay guy lol.

    Working my way through Nioh's NG+ missions for the past week or so. I finally unlocked the sixth region for NG+ last night, and tested the waters with the 310 version of the final mission of the game... it did not go well, but I got two +4 drops and about 6 million XP, so still worth the time.

    Also, kinda freaked out that the next mission of the DLC on the base difficulty is still marked as 5-star difficulty when I can obliterate half the bosses in NG+... I've heard the next boss is tough, but that seems excessive.

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