Some Of Your Civilization V Competition Entries

As mentioned in this post, we've got some Civ V gear to give away, which clearly marks you as an addict so your friends won't bring it up in conversation. All you have to do to win it, plus a copy of the game, is Photoshop something into a hexagon that would normally be a different shape.

Here are some of the entries so far!

Some pretty strong entries there... Reckon you can beat them? Keep in mind we've got five prize packs available. The competition ends Monday night. Head over to the main thread for details!


    Wow, some great entries there. Whoever wins deserves to :)

    damn i was going to do something about hex but i thought itd be a bit insensitive, guess not...

    That GoodGame one is easily the best one there, purely for how it messes with the brief.
    If my opinion counted for anything then I declare this a race between the four next best entries. I hope to be one of those four.

    Damn there goes 2 of my strongest ideas, both the Good Game and Civ disk, and both executed far better than I would be able to... very nice.
    Back to the drawing board!

    Those are awesome! Wish I could use Photoshop...

    Er... I could be mistaken but neither a Wheel or a CD are initially squares.

    My understanding of the guidelines were that you just had to take a shape and turn it into a hexagon, i.e it doesnt necessarily have to be a square that your changing.
    As i said, just my interpretation though :P

    That first one is brilliant.

    first one was so brilliant, i decided i'm not enterring anymore LOL

      So you're competing for four places instead of five. Don't let that discourage you.

    I'm not eligible, but that CD one is a much better version of my mockup :P

    Also, that Hex one is brilliant xD (sorry Junglist :P)

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